Accountants & Auditors: Basel

Perrig AG
Financial, payroll accounting, tax advice, financial management and general fiduciary services offered
Aebin Treuhand
Accounting, tax and audit company offering services to private clients as well as small companies.
Offers a broad spectrum of tax related services for US and Swiss companies and individuals.
Client Focus
Financial consultants, accounting and audit firm based in Basel for individuals and enterprises.
Auditing, tax advice, legal advice, audit firm, financial services in banking and insurance for individuals and businesses.
Streicher & Brotschin Revision AG
Expertise in tax advice, accounting, bookkeeping, business and management consulting.
Bellomo Treuhand
Asset management, audit, accounting, financial services, financial statements, advice on VAT issues and more.
LLK Treuhand AG
Specializes in auditing, accounting, tax advice, bookkeeping and management consulting services.
Artax Fide Consult
Audit, financial and management consulting, legal and tax advice for small and medium-sized companies and individuals.
Aviso Treuhand
Services include accounting, tax planning and consultancy services for legal and individuals preparation of tax returns.
thv AG
Accounting firm based in Basel, offers a range of services.
RST Treuhand
Auditing firm, specializes in accounting, book-keeping, tax consulting, financial and business plans consultancy.
ATAG Private & Corporate Services Ltd
Accounting, business and management consulting, financial advice, tax advice and a range of other services.
Strafin Group
Specializes in a range of financial consulting and advisory services.
Lawyers, tax specialists from a wide range of legal fields for companies and individuals specialising in commercial law, asset administration, tax and estate planning.