Accountants & Auditors: Berne

American Tax Abroad
A tax and consulting services firm specializing in handling all U.S. tax matters for U.S. citizens and green-card holders residing abroad, and for non-resident aliens with U.S. tax filing requirements. Serving all of Switzerland.
Lawyers, tax specialists from a range of legal fields for companies and individuals specializing in commercial law, asset administration, tax and estate planning.
Wealth4you AG
Independent Swiss audit firm, asset management company based in Bern offering tax advice, financial advice, wealth management, portfolio management and securities trading services for domestic and international clients. At 74 Konizstrasse, 3008 Bern.
Fuhrer + Partner Treuhand AG
Bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, taxation, management consultancy and company formation and transformation services for small and medium sized businesses. Located at 223 Worbstrasse, PO Box 271, 3073 Gumligen.
Finassur Group SA
Mortgage solutions with the leading banks for buying homes and apartments. Also offer insurance, accounting, private credit, leasing and real estate related services. Visit the website for more details. Located at 36 Balliz, 3600 Thun.
EWS Treuhand AG
Accounting, financial statements, auditing and tax advice firm for small and medium enterprises. Located at 2 Uettligenstrasse, 3033 Wohlen b. Bern.
Reoplan Treuhand AG
Accounting, financial, costing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax and tax planning, audit firm, interim management and property management services. Service English speaking clients as well. Located at 40 Wabernstrasse, 3007 Bern.
Gewerbetreuhand AG
Accounting firm for consultation and advise clients in the areas of accounting and personnel administration, accounting, auditing, tax, estate management and consulting firm. Located at 20 Neuengasse, 3011 Bern.
FIGAS Autogewerbe-Treuhand der Schweiz AG - Bern
Financial advice, business and management consulting, audit and tax advice firm offers financial consultancy services for both individuals as well as businesses. More than 8 branches across Switzerland. Located at 20 Muhlestrasse, 3173 Oberwangen, Bern.
Accounting and consulting firm in the espace Mittelland area specializing amongst others in tax consulting for individuals and companies. Saegeweg 11, 3073 Guemligen.
RITO Treuhand
Financial advice, audit firm, tax advice, business and management consulting, accounting services company for individuals as well as businesses. Located at 44 Balliz, 3600 Thun, Bern.
Rothlisberger AG
Business and management consulting, auditing, tax advice and audit firm offers services to medium-sized enterprises in industry, trade and the service sector. Also offers tax consulting and legal consulting. At 41Schonburgstrasse, 3013 Bern.
Accontis Treuhand AG
Fiduciary services, bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, tax advice, succession planning, management accounting and more financial services with offices in Berne, Solothurn and Fribourg. Located at 18 Marienstrasse, PO Box 109, 3000 Bern.
Delphin Finanz AG
Financial planning, financing, audit firm, real estate, insurance advisors, guaranteed trusteeship, wealth management, insurance, business and management consulting, health insurance and financial advice. Located at 8 Langgassstrasse, 3012 Bern.
KPMG Holding AG - Bern
Auditing, tax advice, legal advice, audit firm, financial services in banking and insurance for individuals and businesses with 11 offices in Switzerland and a global presence. Located at Hofgut, P.O. Box 3000, Bern.