Airlines: Berne

Air France
Flights from Basel, Berne, Zurich and Geneva to numerous European and international desinations. Office at the airport is located at check-in 2, end of row 8. Main office in Switzerland is at Grindelstrasse 6 , 8304 Wallisellen.
Continental Airlines
U.S. Airline with direct flights to New York/Newark airport. Offering connection from there with more than 190 destinations within the US, Caribbean, Central- and South America. Airport office is located at check-in 2. Doerflistrasse 120, 8050 Zurich.
German global operating airline. As a founding member of the Star Alliance, they offer, together with 17 airline partners, the world‘s largest network of destinations. Airport office is located at check-in 1 north. Obstgartenstrasse 25, 8302 Kloten
ANA All Nippon Airways
An Internet booking company with the possibility to fly from various Swiss cities. Airline direct, Zossenerstrasse 55, 10961 Berlin.
Cirrus Airlines
This airline offers non-stop connections between all important cities in Europe. Airport office is located at check-in 2, ticket centre at the end of row 6/7. Mailing address in Germany is P.O. Box 23 16 31, 85325 Muenchen-Flughafen.
Sky Work Airlines AG
Flies to 25 destinations all across Europe. Offers customers a personal service centre for flight reservations and complete holiday bookings. At Aemmenmattstrasse 43, 3123 Belp, Bern.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines / Northwest Airlines
KLM is the worlds first scheduled airline still operating under its original name. Phone number means 0900 - fly klm. Airport office is located at check-in 2, across row 8. Mailing address is P.O. Box, 8058 Zurich-Flughafen.
One of Europes leading low-cost airlines. Offering services to major destinations. Airport office is located at check-in 2, ticket centre.