Architects & Surveyors

Interdisciplinary office for design, architecture and arts. Services provided by registered architect and urban ecological landscape designer involved in practice, teaching and research. At Dorflistrasse 41, 8942 Oberrieden-Zurich.
Gabrielle von Bernstorff
Architect, artist and creative writer. At Freilagerstrasse 91, 8047 Zurich.
Fox Waelle
Architecture and interior design specialize in residential architecture.Services include real estate assessment,design,building permit,cost estimates and construction supervision.In der Schappe 47, 4144 Arlesheim.
Blue Architects
Fields of activity range from public buildings to housing, office spaces, industrial buildings, dance halls, urban plans and interiors. Wasserwerkstrasse 127, 8037 Zurich.
Stabilis AG - architecture & construction management in Zuri...
Office specialised in construction management with special concerns to sustainability and high standards in regards to energy efficiency.
Architect that specializes in landscape design. Neustadtstrasse 7, 6003 Luzern.
Burckhardt Partner
Architecture, general planning, project management and development. Locations in Basel, Berne, Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich. Website is in English. Neugasse 28, 8022 Zurich.
Kreis Schaad Schaad
Field of activities include public, residential, commercial, urbanism, planning and design/furniture issues. English website. Hardstrasse 322a, 8005 Zurich.
Arndt Geiger Herrmann
Team of architects for construction, interiors and design. Website is available in English. Mythenquai 355, 8038 Zurich.
Ramseier und Stucki
Architects who are providing a property portfolio as well. Open Monday to Thursday 07:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:30, Friday until 17:00. Thunstrasse 57, 3074 Muri b. Bern.
Itten Brechbuehl
As architects and planners, this group designs projects for public and private clients in a variety of sectors such as research, health-care and technology. Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich.
Kaempfen fuer Architektur
Unique architecture with comfortable, eco-friendly materials, and highest standards in regards to energy efficiency. New buildings/refurbishments, family homes, service, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Badenerstrasse 571, 8048 Zurich.
Walter Wittmann
Architect that specializes in construction management and real estate consulting. Buettenenhalde 41, 6002 Luzern.
Architectural design studio. At Brauerstrasse 45, 8004 Zurich.
Burkhalter Sumi architects
Team of architects. The field of activity ranges from the design of exhibitions to projects on urban development, restructuring unused industrial areas, modern office buildings and housing. Muenstergasse 18a, 8001 Zurich.
Semtec AG
Real estate agency that provides surveyor services, property services and business consultations. Schoenburgstrasse 41, Berne.
SPPA Architects
Team of architects that produces plans for private houses, public buildings and offices, including renovations. Sihlamtsstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich.
Markus Schuler
Real estate agency that assists property sales, property evaluations and the planning of projects. Brueggligasse 2, 6000 Luzern.