Art Galleries: Basel

Carzaniga Gallery GmbH
Gallery for classic Swiss art, informal painting, contemporary art from Switzerland, Germany and Italy, photography, sculptures and objects, art fairs in Basel and Milan, organization of exhibitions and more. Located at 8 Gemsberg, 4051 Basel.
Artemedia Winteler GmbH
Gallery for art and book lovers offers a wide range of original works by well-known artists with select high quality paintings from the period of 15th to 20 century. Located at 70 Meierweg, 4125 Riehen.
Painting Room Basel - Closlieu
Painting atelier handled by Arno Stern. Materials provided, freedom to paint anything you would like to. Open to all children from 3 till - 99 years old. At Roggenburgstr. 4, 4055 Basel.
Catherine Krohn Gallery Basel
Art gallery in Basel organizes solo exhibitions, group shows many times a year for national and international artists. Email, visit the website or call for more information. Located at 5 Grenzacherstrasse, 4058 Basel.
PEP + No Name
Book store and photograph gallery that can order any titles you are looking for. Ordering online possible. Open Monday to Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00-16:00. Unterer Heuberg 2, 4051 Basel.
Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie
Art exhibition of paintings and works of various artist. Gallery can be visited from Wednesday - Friday 13:00-18:00, Saturday 11:00-16:00 and by appointment. At Malzgasse 20, 4052 Basel.
Concert Gallery Maison 44
A non-profit association gallery in Basel since 2002 for exhibitions, lecture concerts, readings, lectures and panel discussions. The gallery has an English language website. Located at 44 Steinenring, 4051 Basel.
Kunsthalle Palazzo
Library of the art collection of the canton of Basel-Land documents the video art in the region from its beginnings in the mid-70s till today with continuous expansions. Located at 2 Poststrasse, 4410 Liestal.
Eulenspiegel Gallery GMBH
Art dealers, art gallery, exhibitions, installation, art fairs, picture mounting and framing, restoration of works of art. Visit the English language website for more information. Located at 6 Gerbergasslein, 4051 Basel.
Henze & Ketterer & Triebold Gallery
Art from classical modern to contemporary art, specialist for Expressionism since 1905 and 20th century, Emigration to Italy since 1933, Abstraction since 1945, Contemporary Art since 1960. Visit the website for more. At 4 Wettsteinstrasse, 4125 Riehen
Art Topics
Offers professional art consulting and education services. Services include art and museum tours, contemporary art, seminars and workshops, exhibitions and collections. Oberer Rebbergweg 68, 4153 Reinach.
Ficher Rohr Gallery
Art gallery since 2005 organizes art exhibitions by a large number of artists. Open Wednesday to Friday 14:00-20:00 hours. Visit the website to view the exhibition schedule, email or call for more information. Located at 4 Schertlingasse, 4051 Basel.
Art Gallery 106
Art gallery in Basel since 1996 for art exhibitions of various national and international artists. Email or call for more information. Located at 106 St. Johanns-Vorstadt, 4056 Basel.
Rusterholtz Gallery & Auctions
Art gallery since 1988 specializing in dealing with works on paper by internationally renowned artists. Organizes one auction a year with works by international and local artists of the 20th century. At 14 Heuberg, 4051 Basel.
Klingental Exhibition
Art gallery that displays works by various national and international artists. Open Tuesday to Friday 15:00-18:00 hours, Saturday and Sunday11:00-17:00 hours. Email or call for more information. Located at 23 Kasernenstrasse, 4058 Basel.
Schoneck Gallery
Art gallery offers a range of services including technical cooperation for art museums, galleries and artists, installation of works of art in interior and exterior applications, mounting and suspension, art transports. At 63 Burgstrasse, 4125 Riehen.
Lilian Andree Gallery
Gallery offers modern and contemporary art including drawings, paintings as well as sculptures by artists like Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Sam Francis and Francis Bacon. Email or call for more information. Located at 12 Gartengasse , 4125 Riehen.
Kunst Part
Art gallery for exhibitions and sale of selected works of art and craft. Open Tuesday to Saturday. Visit the website, call or email for more information. Located at 30 Spalenberg, 4051 Basel.
Paul Ludin Art Dealers and Gallery
Art gallery and art dealers in Basel with a large selection of works by renowned artists along with framing services. Open Tuesday to Saturday or by appointment. Call or email for more information. Located at 6 Riehenstrasse, 4058 Basel.
Niklaus Knoell Frame Art Basel
Art gallery that sells works in oil paintings, graphics and various printing techniques, Swiss and international commercial art, framing, restorations and more. Branches in Bern and Basel. Located at 4-6 Herbergsgasse, 4051 Basel.
Daniel Blaise Thorens Fine Art Gallery Ltd
Art dealers, art gallery in Basel exhibiting the works of many well known Swiss artists. Visit the English language website, email or call for more information. Located at 15 Aeschenvorstadt, 4051 Basel.
Vogler Auction Gallery AG
Art gallery, auction house for antiques, paintings ad drawings, sculptures, graphic arts, furniture, jewelry, mirrors, watches, candleholders, craft, Asian and European ceramics and porcelain. Located at 133 Guterstrasse, 4053 Basel.
Karin Sutter Gallery
Art gallery in Basel for contemporary art promoting the works of contemporary artists. Open Wednesday to Thursday 14:00-18:30 hours, Friday 11:00-18:30 and Saturday 11:00-16:00. Located at 27 Rebgasse, 4058 Basel.
Idea Fixa Gallery
Art gallery for exhibiting and promoting innovative national and international contemporary artists. Visit the website, email or call for more. Open Monday to Friday 14:00-19:00 hours and Saturday 12:00-17:00 hours. At 38 Feldbergstrasse, 4057 Basel.
Terra Antoqua
Fine Asian art gallery in Basel specializes in the antique Asian art trade and offers a wide range of authentic works of art bearing witness of past cultures. Visit the English language website for more information. At 17 Klosterberg, 4051 Basel.
Littmann Kulturprojekte GmbH
Gallery for planning and realization of theme oriented art exhibitions and art interventions in the public arena. Visit the English language website to know more. Located at 13 Spalentorweg, 4051 Basel.
Martin Flaig Gallery
Gallery for exhibitions of large number of renowned artists. Visit the website, email or call for more details. Located at 68 St. Alban-Vorstadt, 4052 Basel.
Nicolas Krupp GmbH
Art gallery in Basel focuses on young international contemporary artists with exhibitions in variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, objects, photography, video art and works in new media. At 28 Rosentalstrasse, 4058 Basel.
Laleh June Gallery
Art gallery for exhibitions and art fairs by well known as well as upcoming artists. Branches in Basel and Geneva. Visit the English language website to know more. Located at 4 Picassoplatz, 4052 Basel.