Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Aero Club Zurich AeCZH
Regional association of Zurich from the Aero Club Switzerland (AeCS). Represents the interests of 26 air sports groups. Heimstrasse 7, 8953 Dietikon.
Flugschule Jura
Paragliding and delta wing school that is based in Matzendorf.Flying region is Basel. Offering introduction days, basic and brevet courses and flying holidays.Duennernstrasse 3, 4713 Matzendorf.
Swiss Aerobatic Gliding Association
The club owns an MDM Fox, and offers training camps, organises regional events and the Swiss Championships. Their top pilots regularly compete at European and World championships. Located at airport Schaenis.
Flugschule Biel-Seeland
Paragliding school that is specialising in introduction days,basic and brevet courses, courses for rescuer and passenger flights.Route Frinvillier 16,2534 Orvin.
Euroflugschule Engelberg
Flying school that is open all year round. Offer include bi place flights, training hills and solo flights. They speak English. Open daily 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00.Wasserfallstrasse 135, 6390 Engelberg.
Swiss Hang-gliding & Paragliding Association
Main Swiss association with lists of schools and clubs in Switzerland. Seefeldstrasse 224, 8008 Zurich.
Sky Center Flugschule Zurich
Gliding school with a wide programm of courses. The courses are taking place in Rotkreuz or Uznach. Obfelderstrasse 41, 8910 Affoltern a.A.
Flugschule Balsthal
School that specialises in paragliding and delta wing education. Offering passenger flights, education for paragliding pilot and flying holidays.Im Moos, 4710 Balsthal.
Robair Flugschule
Paragliding school that offers courses seven days a week. Theory courses are taking place in Zurich, Uster and Rapperswil. Bahnstrasse 5, 8610 Uster.
Flugschule Zentralschweiz
Flying school that offers various courses for all levels and holiday packages. Hotel Bellevue, 6391 Engelberg.
Starterplus Bern Gleitschirmschule
Paragliding school that offers basic and brevet courses, introduction days and passenger flights. Fuchsweg 12, 3097 Liebefeld.
Paragliding school that offers education for beginners, safety courses and flying holidays for more experienced and passenger flights.Doerfli 108b, 3663 Gurzelen.
Ballongruppe Zurich
Group that takes care of the interest in balloon flying (gas and oil). Connected to the Aero Club of Switzerland. Located in Attisholz.
Flugschule Glarnerland
Paragliding school with its center in Mollis. Service for para gliders, delta wings, additional equipment and ecolight planes.Netstalerstrasse 60, 8753 Mollis.
Flugschule Zimmermann Zueri
School that offers education to become a paragliding pilot. Course takes between 12 and 18 months. Seestrasse 218, 8706 Feldmeilen.
Flugschule Solothurn
Paragliding school that offers courses in flying safety, paragliding brevet, tandem flights and theory for students. Shop is open Friday 18:00-20:00. Niklaus-Konradstrasse 14, 4500 Solothurn.
Gleitschirmschule Cumulus
Paragliding school that offers basic education, courses for rescuer and biplace programs.Courses are hold mainly on weekends. Haldenstrasse 12, 6020 Emmenbrucke.
Schaenis Soaring
An alpine gliding school for flights to Austria or the Swiss Alps, taking off from the Schaenis airport. Courses and flying classes may be booked directly on the website. At Alpine Segelflugschule, 8718 Schaenis.
Rappi Bollon
Hot air balloon rides to experience the world from a new perspective. Thedi Bolli speaks English. At Lindenhofstrasse 16, 8640 Rapperswil.
Flugsportgruppe Zuercher Oberland
Offering education in flying motor planes and gliders. Round trip bookings are possible. Departure from airport Speck in 8320 Fehraltdorf.
Offering helicopter flights from 20 locations throughout Switzerland. Sightseeing flights, glacier landings, gourmet and wedding flights. Haldenstrasse 11, 5512 Wohlenschwil.
Luftarend Dallenwil
Specialist for delta wing education, flying holidays, further education in delta wing and passenger flights. In winter they are based in St. Moritz.Buererhof, 6383 Dallenwil.
Heissluft Ballonclub Zuerichsee
Oldest balloon club of Switzerland owns several hot-air balloons. Rides last approximately one hour. Departure from airport Guldenen-Forch. Kuesnachterstrasse 529, 8132 Zumikon.