Banks & Banking: Lucerne & Zug

Julius Baer Zug
Wealth manager that specialises in private banking and assets management for private and institutional clients.Citypark, Bundesplatz 9, 6300 Zug.
Bank Vontobel AG
Private banking, wealth management, asset private clients, institutional investors and external asset managers. Services in English language. Visit the website for more details. Located at 3a Schweizerhofquai, 6004 Luzern.
LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., Lucerne
Wealth and asset management services for high-net-worth private clients, asset management services for private and institutional investors with branches in 29 locations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Americas. At 41 Pilatusstrasse, 6002 Luzern.
UBS Lucerne
Bank for advice in payments, investments, retirement, financing and wealth management. 2 Bahnhofplatz, 6002 Luzern.
Schwyzer Kantonalbank
Banking, private banking, financial services, finance and real estate, succession planning, pension solutions with more than 27 branches for private individuals as well as corporate and institutional clients. Located at 3 Bahnhofstrasse, 6431 Schwyz.
Luzerner Kantonalbank
International bank for both personal and business clients, offering inheritance planning, tax advice, and financial planning. With an English window on the website. With many offices throughout the Canton of Lucerne. Pilatusstrasse 12, 6002 Luzern.
Hinduja Bank - Lucerne
Swiss bank for both individuals and institutions offering solutions in wealth management and private banking, trade finance, corporate advisory services and global investment solutions with headquarters in Geneva. At 35 Pilatusstrasse, 6003 Lucerne.
Credit Suisse Zug
Private bank that advises in all financial issues. Responsible for the English desk is Tania Mobayed. Bahnhofstrasse 17, 6300 Zug.
Bank in Zug that offers advice in payments, investments, retirement, financing and wealth managing. 14a Baarerstrasse, 6301 Zug.
Swiss National Bank - Lucerne
Banking, independent central bank, asset management services with two head offices, in Berne and Zurich. Representative offices in Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano and St Gallen. Visit the website for more details. At 6 Munzgasse, 6007 Lucerne.
Migros Bank - Zug
Banking services, asset management, financing of real estate, mortgage, professional financial advice for private and institutional clients. Many branches across Switzerland. Visit the website for more details. Located at 25 Baarerstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Independent Swiss private bank based in Zug offers investment advisory, asset management, wealth management, investment and investment funds services. Located at 10 Bahnhofstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers - Lucerne
Private bank founded in 1741 and based in St. Gallen specialises in wealth and asset management for private and institutional clients. Thirteen branches throughout Switzerland. Located at 9 Muhlenplatz, 6004 Lucerne.
WIR Bank - Lucerne
Credit institution, financing, construction and mortgage loans, savings bank, payments, investments and retirement planning for private and corporate clients with headquarters in Basel and 7 branches in Switzerland. At 88 Obergrundstrasse, 6005 Luzern
Nidwaldner Kantonalbank
Banking services, e-banking, financing services, credit, loans, mortgages, secure storage for valuables, pension funds, retirement plans for private individuals as well as businesses. Located at 54 Stansstaderstrasse, 6370 Stans.
Bank Sarasin & Cie AG - Lucerne
Swiss private bank specializes in asset management and investment advisory services for private and institutional clients. International presence with head office in Basel and several branches in Switzerland. At 4 Schwanenplatz, 6000 Luzern.