Coaching & Personal Development: Basel

Family and Youth Counseling Basel
Families, education and youth counseling, psychological counseling for children, adolescents, families, parents, kindergarten teachers, teachers. More than 15 branches. Located at 23 Greifengasse, PO Box 189, 4005 Basel.
Peter Gasser
Psychological counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, individual, couple and family therapy, trauma and child therapies, supervision of consultants and teachers and coaching of leaders. Speaks English, French and German. At 90 Steinbuhlweg, 4123 Allschwil.
Anne Walther Coaching
Life coach, supports professionals in identifying their purpose and reaching their goals. Personal development and life coaching. Facilitator of TrueColours® program - a 3-month program to begin afresh in life. In English via skype.
Eduard Fuchs
Life coaching, health coaching, self-hypnosis, hypnotic deep relaxation, meditation, yoga, ayurvedic nutrition counseling, coaching for couples, individual coaching and more. At 4 Auf der Wacht, 4104 Oberwil.
NLP licensed practitioner, offers customized health and nutrition coaching plans. Nutrition consultation - dietary assessment, analysis, meal planning, weight management, workshops. Personal development coaching by neuro-linguistic programming.
Wursch Career Guidance
Centre for coaching, career counseling and advice, psychological counselling, vocational guidance, study advice, diagnostic test, potential investigation, education and training research, decision making support and more. At 26 Gerbergasse, 4001 Basel.
Raum fuer Prozessarbeit - Stephan Muller
Psychotherapy, relationship building, conflict resolution, spirituality, meditation, creativity, coaching, communication for disorders, relationship difficulties, addictions, burnout, depression and anxiety. At 37 Therwilerstrasse, 4054 Basel.
Silvia Salathe
Psychological counseling, coaching, individual short-term solution focused counseling for conflict management, improvement of management skills, educational matters, couple and family counseling, burnout advice and more. At 5 Akazienstrasse, 4416 Basel.
Eva M.A. Fischer-Zehnder
Business and management consulting, coaching, psychological counseling, professional counseling for individuals, groups and teams, stress management, overcoming fears, conflict situations and more. Speaks English, French. At 10 Oberalpstrasse, 4054 Basel.
Rita Giger Stamm & Peter Stamm
Psychological counseling, autogenic training, body-centered therapies, coaching, organizational consulting, supervision for professional and personal challenges. At St. Galler-Ring 197, 4054 Basel.