Counselling: Lucerne & Zug

Annen Marie-Theres
Dr. phil. Health psychological counseling, psychotherapy, supervision, training, coaching for dealing with stress, violence, depression, psychological testing and dealing with success and failure. At 92 Luzernerstrasse, 6333 Hunenberg See, Zug.
Gisela Burgler
English speaking psychotherapist offers talk therapy, focusing, counseling, psychotherapy for children, supervision for adults, children, adolescents and families. Call for more information. Located at 5 Rathausstrasse, 6340 Baar.
MPW Consulting Team Ltd
Team of seven English speaking psychologists offer coaching, career advice, team development, business and management consulting, and psychological counseling. Branches in Zurich and Zug. At 12 Alpenstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Lic.Phil. Gisela Wagenbreth
English, Italian and German speaking psychotherapist offers counseling, coaching, supervision, self-awareness and psychological counseling for individuals, couples and families. At 18 Bahnhofstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Erhard Trittibach Zug
English, German, Spanish and Italian speaking psychotherapist offers therapy for promoting self-esteem, relationship problems, intercultural problems, dealing with aggression and more. At Zypressenstrasse 41, 8003 Zürich, Kreis 3.
Ruth Bodis
English, German, Spanish and Italian speaking psychotherapist offers treatment for all forms of stress and anxiety, meridian tapping treatments for people from the age of 17 and older. Visit the English website for more. At 34 Artherstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Jana Wiederkehr-Svoboda
Behavourial therapist offering advice to individuals, couples and families. At Gartenstrasse 7, 6330 Cham.
Susanna Lerch
Supervision and psychological counseling, group therapy, individual therapy, therapeutic and educational coaching by a qualified and experienced psychotherapist. Speaks English. At 41 Geissensteinring, 6005 Lucerne.
Lic. phil. Dimitri Gallati
English speaking psychotherapist offers individual, couple, family and group therapies, teenagers and adults in English and German for anxiety, burnout, depressive symptoms and relationship problems. Langensand Praxis Tribschenstrasse 42, 6...
Soul Marina
Therapy through hypnosis, coaching and meditation. At Laettichstrasse 6, 6340 Baar.
Lic.phil. Adrian Kaufmann
English and German speaking psychotherapist with experienced and qualification offers cognitive behavior therapy, ego state therapy, integrative therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. At 43 Baarerstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Expat Counselling
English Counselling all over Switzerland. Phone sessions or Face to Face appointments. Fully qualified and highly experienced British Adult Couples Child Counsellor. BACP and ANSCO registered. Free Confidential Enquiries.
Shima Institute
Psychological counseling, counseling for sexual disorders, life coaching for women, men, couples and individuals by a team of qualified and trained psychotherapists. Email or call for more information. At Dufourstrasse 147, 8008 Zurich.
Heidi Aeschlimann Zug
English, French and German speaking psycotherapist offers psychological counseling, couple and family therapy, individual therapy, adult therapy, trauma therapy, supervision and psychoanalysis. Located at 8 Schmidgasse, 6300 Zug.
Esther Vetsch
Lic. Phil. Psychological therapy, counselling and coaching for stressful situations, conflicts and decisions, supervision for individuals, groups and teams from the health, social and educational sector fields. At Zeughausgasse 16, 6300 Zug.
Lic.phil. Karlijn Werquin
English, French and German speaking psychotherapist offers psychological counseling, couple and family therapy, individual therapy, coaching and supervision. At 43 Baarerstrasse, 6300 Zug.
IHP Institute for Special Education and Psychotherapy
Therapeutic treatments, individual therapy, group sessions, psycho therapeutic expertise for children, psychological evaluation and advice, play therapy, trauma-centered psychotherapy, hypnotherapy. English speaking staff. 12 Moosmattstrasse, 6005 Luzern
Center for Psychology and Behavioural Therapy (Abegglen, Isl...
Psychotherapy, psychological counseling, systemic behavioral therapy, couple therapy, psychodiagnostic evaluations for children, adolescents and adults, educational counseling and coaching by English speaking therapists. At 1 Lindenstrasse, 6340 Baar.