Counselling & Therapists

Susanna Lerch
Supervision and psychological counselling, group therapy, individual therapy, therapeutic and educational coaching.
Philip Kime
Psychotherapist and Jungian psychoanalyst working with depression, anxiety and stress. Background in philosophy and works also with the general relationship to life. 
Sarah Wolfe
English-speaking wellbeing consultant. PhD, offers support with stress (due to loss, relationship difficulties, life transitions, adverse events, work pressures, caring responsibilities, ill-health, isolation, etc).
Soul Marina
Therapy through hypnosis, coaching and meditation. At Laettichstrasse 6, 6340 Baar.
Raluca Babota
Psychologist and psychotherapist offering psychological counselling for individuals, couples and families as well as parenting and early years workshops.
Esther Vetsch
Psychological therapy, counselling and coaching for stressful situations, conflicts and decisions for individuals, groups and teams.
Caroline Garrod
English counselling all over Switzerland. Phone sessions or face to face appointments. Fully qualified and highly experienced British adult couples child counsellor.
Rachel Aarden
English speaking counselling therapist. Works with kids, teens, adults, parents in Basel, and online. 
Patricia Skar
American Jungian psychoanalyst offers psychological counselling, psychoanalysis for adults for personal and professional problems.
Annen Marie-Theres
Health psychological counselling, psychotherapy, supervision, training and coaching.
Suzanne Stülten
English speaking counsellor, psychotherapist and coach offers counselling and coaching.
Christina Bauer Murten
Certified psychotherapist offers psychotherapy, individual, couple and family therapy, counselling for sexual disorders and integrative body psychotherapy.
Cohesion Counselling
Native English speaking online and in-person counselling and coaching. Services offered for adults, adolescents, couples, and families.
Phil Stockli
Swiss certified psychotherapist offers, trauma and EMDR therapist. Offers adult individual and couple therapy. 
Basel Counselling
Psychological counsellor in Basel, offers services to individuals, couples, children and families.
Mindful Body
Mindfulness-based counseling for better health of body and mind.
Karin Andersson Hagelin
Specializes in powerful grief recovery outreach program for individuals to recover from loss and thereafter for their personal development. 
Teresa Gariano
Social Worker. For English and German speaking individuals and couples. Systemic counsellor. 
Jungian Analysis & Counseling
Jungian analysis and counselling services in Zurich.
Tara Gaffney
Licensed professional clinical counsellor. Expertise in helping clients manage grief, depression, ADHD, PTSD and trauma, relationship issues and life transitions.
Rachel Suery Coaching
Certified personal and professional life coach. Experience in international education, educational psychology and guidance counselling.
Jana Wiederkehr-Svoboda
Behavourial therapist offering advice to individuals, couples and families. At Gartenstrasse 7, 6330 Cham.
The Balance
Luxury rehabilitation facility, in Zurich, for addictions, mental health, eating disorders. English, German and Arabic spoken. 
Andrew Fellows
Classical Jungian Analyst, native English speaker. Special interest in mid-life problems, dream interpretation and Yi Jing. 
Eva M.A. Fischer-Zehnder
Business and management consulting, coaching, psychological counselling, professional counselling for individuals, groups and teams. 
Counseling and Psychoanalysis
Offers integrated, psychodynamic approaches to suffering, crisis, relationship problems, and life transitions. Psychoanalysis, dream analysis, and life coaching.
Optimal Wellness Global
Dr. Brandi Eijsermans, english speaking clinical psychologist specialised in psychological services for individuals, couples and families living outside their country of origin. 
Martina Famos
Psychological Counselling and Counselling for Expatriation. Counselling for depression, mood swings, marriage issues, stress and life crisis.
Abegglen Psychologie
Psychotherapy, psychological counselling, systemic behavioural therapy, couple therapy and educational counselling among others offered. 
Mac Bischof Campbell Counseling
Native English speaking psychologist offers counselling for individuals and couples dealing with general mental health issues.
Amaryllis Kontostavlaki. Online and in-person systemic psychotherapy and counselling in English, Greek and German; helping individuals, couples or families, with a range of difficulties: marital and parenting issues, depression, anxiety, mood sw...
Gabrielle Ziegler
Holistic therapy and counselling service including CBT. 
Psychotherapiepraxis Kronenplatz
Specialist in CBT, stress, burnout therapy, psycho oncology, couple therapy for adults and young people over the age of 16.