Counselling: Zurich

Karin Andersson Hagelin
Specializes in powerful grief recovery outreach program for individuals to recover from loss and thereafter for their personal development. 
Erhard Trittibach Zurich
English, German, Spanish and Italian speaking psychotherapist offers therapy for promoting self-esteem, relationship problems, intercultural problems, dealing with aggression and more. At 41 Zypressenstrasse, 8003 Zurich.
Meditation and Stress Management Consultant
Stress management and meditation consultant offers personal private consultations as well as over the phone in English language. Located at 136 Seestrasse, 8802 Kilchberg.
Raluca Babota
Psychologist and psychotherapist offering psychological counselling for individuals, couples and families as well as parenting and early years workshops.
ISAP Counselling Service
A free counselling service from postgraduates of the International School of Analytical Psychology who are completing training. Under expert supervision. At Hochstrasse 38, 8044 Zurich.
Hugh Osborne
Coach and hypnotherapist offering support for drug and alcohol addiction. 
Phil Stockli
Swiss certified psychotherapist offers, trauma and EMDR therapist. Offers adult individual and couple therapy. 
Mac Bischof Campbell Counseling
Native English speaking psychologist offers counselling for individuals and couples dealing with general mental health issues.
Doris Kursteiner
English, French and Spanish speaking psychologist and psychotherapist offers counselling and therapy for individuals, families and couples.
Judith Lutz-Burns
Specialist physician for neurology with training in psychosocial psychosomatic medicine and medical hypnosis. Speaks English and German.
Suzanne Stülten
English speaking counsellor, psychotherapist and coach offers counselling and coaching.
Counseling and Psychoanalysis
Offers integrated, psychodynamic approaches to suffering, crisis, relationship problems, and life transitions. Psychoanalysis, dream analysis, and life coaching.
Andrew Fellows
PhD. Mature British, but Zürich-trained, classical Jungian Analyst (AGAP/IAAP), native English speaker. Broad life experience, special interest in mid-life problems, dream interpretation and Yi Jing. Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich.
Jungian Analysis & Counseling
Jungian analysis and counselling services in Zurich.