Cricket, Baseball & Softball

Flyers Baseball and Softball Team
English speaking baseball and softball organisation with American coaches, new members welcome. Seniors, Juniors, and Kids teams. Mail address Postfach 211, 4106 Therwil.
Wil Devils
Baseball club in Wil. Junior league, NLA softball, and NLB baseball teams.
Royal Zurich Cricket Club
A multicultural club that promotes team spirit and friendship.
Alpine CC Cricket Club
Zurich-based cricket club and one of the first to be established in Switzerland. New members welcome. 
Romanshorn Submarines
Baseball club in Romanshorn.
Barracudas Baseball Club Zurich
Baseball and Softball club in Zurich. Youth, slow pitch, softball, NLA, and NLB teams. 8153 Ruemlang.
Lions BSC Zurich
Baseball and softball club in Zurich. Softball, junior league, NL1, and NLB baseball teams.
Reussbuehl Eagles
Baseball and softball club. NLA softball, junior league, youth, NL1, and NLA baseball teams. Office open daily 08:30-17:30. Kapellgasse 3, 6003 Luzern.
Berne Cricket Club
A club founded in 1977, part of a national league of 14 teams, dedicated to promoting cricket in the Berne area of Switzerland. At Marzili, Marzilistrasse, 3005 Bern.
Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club
Formed in 2011, has over 50 registered players having boys and girls aged between 7 and 16. Supports junior cricket in Switzerland.
Bern Cardinals
Baseball and Softball club in Bern. Junior league, senior league, NL1, and NLA softball and baseball teams. Postfach, 3000 Bern.
Zurich Crickets Cricket Club
Formed in 2004, one of the largest junior cricket clubs. Has about 70 junior playing members aged between 7 and 18, both girls and boys.
Rainbows Baseball Team Embrach
Embrach baseball club. Softball, slow pitch, junior league and NL1 baseball teams.
Luzern Lions Junior Cricket Club
Cricket club formed in 2011 by a group of parents for their children in the Lucerne area. The Club meets every Saturday morning and plays both indoors and outdoors. Plays at Mattli Gym, 226 Kastanienbaumstrasse, 6047 Horw, Lucerne.
Sissach Frogs
Baseball and softball club in Sissach. Slow pitch softball, tee ball, junior league, and NLA baseball teams.
Zug Cricket Club
The team functions as a sports club and a non profit organisation with the goal of promoting cricket in Switzerland. Loetschbergweg 3, 2540 Grenchen.
Thun Hunters
Thun baseball club. Tee ball, junior league, youth league, and NL1 baseball teams. Chanderbrugg 18, 3645 Gwatt (Thun).
Jona Bandits
Baseball club in Rapperswil-Jona. Adults and cadets teams.
Swiss Cricket Association
Founded in 1978 this association with its registered home in the Swiss capital of Bern, is the premier governing body for cricket in the country. Also recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) & Swiss Olympic Committee (SOC).
Power Winterthur Cricket Club
Cricket club in Winterthur, a Zurich suburb. At oberen Gern 10, 8409 Winterthur.
Zurich Challengers
Baseball and softball club in Zurich. Softball, junior league, NL1, and NLA teams.
Winterthur Cricket Club
The club has an extensive social side with events such as bowling evenings, barbecues and brunches, Mens Only Night, and Club Ski-Weekend Games, weekly at Sortanlage Deutweg - Sportplatz Kreuzplatz, Oberer Deutweg 8404 Winterthur.
Basel Cricket Club
A cricket club interested in promoting the sport in the north western area of Switzerland. At St. Johannes-Vorstadt 84, 4056 Basel.