Employment Agencies: Basel

Universal Job AG
Job recruitment, employment agency offering temporary as well as permanent job opportunities at 30A Marktplatz, 4051 Basel. Branches in 17 cities.
Art of Work Personalberatung AG
Recruitment, employment agency offers job placements, outsourcing, temporary and permanent jobs, part-time jobs in IT, finance, banking and marketing sectors. More than 8 branches in different cities. At 12 Gerbergasse, 4001 Basel.
Job recruitment, placement agency specializing in finance and accounting jobs all over Switzerland. At 18 Aeschengraben, 4051 Basel.
CTC Clinical Trial Consulting
CTC provides the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry with high calibre professional staff to fill both contract and permanent positions in the area of Clinical Research and Drug Development. 1 and 58 Greifengasse 58, 4058 Basel.
Personal Contact AG
Job placement, recruitment, employment agency offering temporary and permanent job opportunities with over 5 branches. Open Monday to Thursday 08:00-18:00 and Friday 08:00-17:15. At 4 Elisabethenstrasse, 4010 Basel.
Borer Consulting
Recruitment, outplacement services, employment agency offering jobs in the fields of logistics, sales and marketing and other customer service jobs. At 11 St. Jakobs-Strasse, 4052 Basel.
Permed AG
Job placement, recruitment, temporary and permanent employment in hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, EMS, health centers, medical offices, laboratories and more in the health sector. Branches in 7 cities. At 4 Stanzlergasse, 4051 Basel.
IPS Individuelle Personal Service AG
Recruitment, employment agency offering jobs in industrial, construction, finance, logistics, packaging, and cleaning sectors besides human resource and other blue-collar jobs. At 11 Falknerstrasse, 4001 Basel and 8 Pfluggasslein, 4001 Basel.
Khronos Human Resources GmbH
Recruiters, employment agency offers temporary and permanent employment, try and hire jobs specializing in the engineering, construction and industry sectors. At 44 Hirschgasslein, 4010 Basel.
Der Leader Personal AG
Employment, recruitment agency offering business and management consulting for permanent as well as temporary jobs in construction, logistics, building services, industry and other sectors. At 11 Dufourstrasse, CH-4052 Basel.
Aris Personalberatung GmbH
Employment agency, recruitment of permanent, temporary staff, freelancers and professionals in business and skilled trades. Job placements in the technical, construction, finance, accounting and administrative sectors. At 79 Steinenvorstadt, 4051 Basel.
Pemsa AG
Recruitment, permanent and temporary employment, staffing and personnel management services for construction, engineering and industrial sector companies across Europe. Branches in 7 cities. At 12 Centralbahnpl, 4051 Basel.
SAM Headhunting
European headhunting group of search and selection companies extending its activities and promoting into selected parts of the world market. 11 Elisabethenanlage, 4051 Basel.
Advias Personal
HR consulting, employment agency offers recruitment of permanent and temporary professionals and executives in the areas of administration, administrative support, finance, IT, construction, logistics and industry. At Nauenstrasse 49, 4052 Basel.
Spouse Career Center
Established in 2001 this Swiss based organization provides career support programs. Provides career (job searching) related counseling, networking and coaching to the accompanying partner of international employees. At Aeschenplatz 2, 4052 Basel.
Hans Leutenegger AG
Recruitment, pay rolling, personnel management service provider for industrial, chemical, construction, technology and engineering sectors. More than 10 branches across Switzerland and southern Germany. At 55 Steinengraben, 4003 Basel.
Rhy Personal AG
Recruitment and employment agency offering temporary and permanent jobs in the fields of construction, engineering, electrical, logistics, office cleaning and building services. At 99 Guterstrasse, 4053 Basel.
EDP Personalberatung GmbH
Employment agency specializing in recruitment of qualified staff for permanent and temporary job positions, personnel administration, individual coaching and outplacement services. At 17 Freie Strasse, 4001 Basel.
Perfecta Personal AG
Recruitment, employment agency in Basel offering temporary and permanent jobs in the chemical, pharmaceutical, administrative support and mechanical sectors. Open Monday to Friday 8.00-18.00. At 172 Guterstrasse, 4053 Basel.
Search and selection of managers, freelance contractors and specialists in various professions. Management consulting and business realisation assistance. Offices in Zurich, Basel, Berne and Lausanne. 15 Holbeinstrasse, 4051 Basel.
AAB Personalservice AG
Recruitment agency provides job placements, temporary and permanent jobs, part time employment specializing in technical sector including construction, industry and architecture jobs. At Stellenvermittlung, 30 Kanonengasse, 4051 Basel.
Jacando AG
Helps with side jobs and microjobs. Services in relocation and transportation, domestic help, baby sitter, car repairs, home and gardening, sales staff, virtual assistant, placements, social events, family help. At Guterstrasse 213, 4053 Basel.
NOVA Industrietechnik AG
Recruitment, personnel selection, employment agency provides temporary and permanent job placements in construction, industry and trade sectors with companies in north-west Switzerland. Branches in Aargau and Basel. At 7 Centralbahnplatz, 4051 Basel.
Manpower AG
Employment agency offering permanent and temporary job placement, outsourcing, training, HR consulting, outplacement services with more than 70 branches. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00. At 22 Solothurnerstrasse, 4053 Basel.