Employment Agencies: Berne

Aberegg Consulting AG
Business and management consulting, employment agency, human resources management, coaching and recruiters for key positions in the areas of banking, business and finance. At 34 Thunstrasse, 3005 Bern.
Permed AG
Job placement, recruitment, temporary and permanent employment in hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, EMS, health centers, medical offices, laboratories and more in the health sector. Branches in 7 cities. At 38 Marktgasse, 3011 Bern.
Hans Leutenegger AG
Recruitment, pay rolling, personnel management service provider for industrial, chemical, construction, technology and engineering sectors. More than 10 branches across Switzerland and southern Germany. At 93 Bernstrasse, 3018 Bern.
Bellini Personal AG
Recruitment, employment agency offers services like permanent and temporary employment to professionals exclusively in the field of construction. More than 9 branches across Switzerland. At Stade de Suisse, 73 Papiermuhlestrasse, 3014 Bern.
Kohler & Partner K & P - Bern
Business and management consultancy offers corporate strategy services and processes, documentation, employee training services. Offices in Berne, Lucerne and Zug. Located at 1 Jungfraustrasse, 3005 Bern.
Manpower AG
Employment agency offering permanent and temporary job placement, outsourcing, training, HR consulting, outplacement services with more than 70 branches. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00. At 3 Herzogstrasse, 3014 Bern.
Job recruitment, placement agency specializing in finance and accounting jobs all over Switzerland. At 4 Genfergasse, 3011 Bern.
Universal Job AG
Job recruitment, employment agency offering temporary as well as permanent job opportunities with branches in 17 cities. At 71 Papiermuhlestrasse, 3014 Berne.
Adecco Human Resources
Employment agency, recruiters offer job placements, outsourcing, professional and vocational training, HR consulting and customer-oriented project services. 100 branches in over 50 locations. At 77 Papiermuhlestrasse, Im Stade De Suisse, 3014 Berne.
Online recruitment platform for the recruitment of technical specialists and senior staff. High requirements meet high expectations. The platform is available in German, French and English.
Impirio AG
Recruitment agency operating at both national and international levels offers job placements in the construction, information technology, engineering and energy sectors. Branches in 7 cities. At 40 Waberstrasse, 3007 Berne.
Art of Work Personalberatung AG
Recruitment, employment agency offers job placements, outsourcing, temporary and permanent jobs, part-time jobs in IT, finance, banking and marketing sectors. More than 8 branches in different cities. At 45 Marktgasse, 3000 Bern.
Relocation service provider for support to expatriate partners, male or female facilitate their access to Swiss professional activities and assist their social integration. Knows English, French, German and Dutch. Visit the website for details.
Asoag Personal AG
Temporary and permanent job positions, employment agency, recruiters offer jobs in various sectors. Offices in Berne, Thun and Solothurn. Located at 36 Marktgasse, 3001 Berne.
Search and selection of managers, freelance contractors and specialists in various professions. Management consulting and business realisation assistance. Offices in Zurich, Basel, Berne and Lausanne. 30 Monbijoustrasse, 3011 Berne.
Specialists for temporary workers and short-term assignments in the fields of electrical and building services, automotive industry, metal working, engineering, logistics and printing industries. Offices at 5 locations. At 131a Morgenstrasse, 3018 Bern.
Jobcenter Bern AG
Recruitment, temporary employment, permanent employment, try and hire positions, administrative management for companies as well as job positions for individuals in various fields. At 93 Thunstrasse, 3006 Berne.