Fancy Dress, Costumes & Tuxedo Hire

Tscharner Lynn
Rental and sale of costume and accessories for theme parties, halloween, Santa Claus and Fasnacht. Dachlissen 112, 8932 Mettmenstetten.
Schneider Kreativ-Atelier Feuerthalen
Rental of Fasnacht costumes accessories and historical clothes. Also offering stylings for theme parties and events. Feldstrasse 124, 8245 Feuerthalen.
Kostuemverleih Anika
Costume rental that offers clothes for the Fasnacht, Halloween and Santa Claus. Open Monday 17:00-19:00, Wednesday to Friday 11:00-13:00 and 17:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00-13:00. Birmensdorferstrasse 255, 8055 Zurich.
Costume rental that specializes in historical clothes, outfits for theaters, ballet and movies and private events. Open MOnday to Friday 09:00-12:00 and 13:30-18:00, Thursday until 20:00. St. Georgen-Strasse 3, 9000 St. Gallen.
Costume rentals for events such as Fasnacht, Halloween, private parties, theaters or historical events. Open Tuesday and Friday 12:00-18:00, Thursday 13:00-19:00, Saturday 12:00-17:00. Traubenstrasse 5, 8002 Zurich.
Scherrer Paul und Pia
Costume and accessories rental for kids and adults. Open all year round, call for an appointment. Tremlastrasse 21, 8880 Walenstadt.
Costume rental with outfits for the Fasnacht and Halloween. Nostalgic clothes and a wide selection of theme clothes. Call for an appointment. Oberplattenstrasse 18, 9620 Lichtensteig.
StarWorld Enterprise
Fasnacht and party outfits and party articles for halloween and fasnacht imported from USA and England. Over 20000 articles. Shop located in Horgen Open Monday-Friday 13:30-18:30, Saturday 10:00 - 16:00.
Baumgartner Kostuemverleih und Fabrikation
Costume rental that will shut down mid of 2011. Call for an appointment. Stock includes over 30000 outfits. Baselstrasse 25, 6003 Luzern.
Moeller Kostuemverleih
Costume rental with a selection of nostalgic clothes, party dresses and tuxedos. Open Monday to Friday 08:15-11:45 and 13:00-17:30, Thursday until 19:00, Saturday 09:15-13:00. Schoentalstrasse 24, 8004 Zurich.
Company that rents out costumes, requisites and accessories for adults and kids. Belpstrasse 71, am Eigerplatz, 3007 Bern.
Fivian Fasnachtskostueme + Airbrushing
Sale and rental of costumes for theme parties and Fasnacht. Also offers face and body airbrushing. Bantigerstrasse 3, 3072 Ostermundigen.
Fellmann Mode & Design
Costume rental with a selection of animal and fantasy clothes, clowns, profession outfits and tuxedos. Open Tuesday and Friday 13:30-18:00, Saturday 13:00-15:00. During Fasnacht time open every afternoon. Hofmattstrasse 13, 6247 Schoetz.
Services include costume rental for theme parties, halloween, Santa Claus, Street Parade and Fasnacht, make-up classes and mask building. Sonnhaldenstrasse 2, 8032 Zurich.
Jomej Trachtenmode und Wohnzubehoer
Ready and tailor-made costumes and wedding dresses. Also offers antiques, accessories, and gifts. Open Tuesday-Friday 14:00-18:30, Saturday 9:30-16:00. Mittlere Bahnhofstrasse 3, 8853 Lachen.
Kleiderverleih&Trachtenstube Burri
Costume and accessories rental that focusses on traditional costumes mainly from the Canton Berne for women, men and kids. Aarhaldenstrasse 26, 3084 Wabern.
Pats Uniform- und Kostuemverleih
Costume and clothes rental that has a wide selection of historical clothes. Only by appointment. Open Monday to Friday 14:00-18:30 and Saturday 14:00-16:00. Schuetzenmattstrasse 37, 4051 Basel.
Kostuem Kaiser
Costume and accessories rental for theme parties. Selection includes requisites, masks and flags. With an on-line shop. Ettingerstrasse 29, 4147 Aesch BL.
Nufers Kostuemstuebli
Costume rental for all kind of theme parties as well as wigs, make-up and accessories. Hinterdorf 23, 2577 Siselen.
Wittwer Beatrice
Costume rental with a selection of nostalgic clothes, costumes for halloween and the Fasnacht and accessories. Open Tuesday to Friday 13:30-18:30 and Saturday 11:00-16:00. Hauptstrasse 90, 5015 Erlinsbach SO.
Tailleur Meth
Cloth atelier that offers tailor-made outfits. Also providing rental objects and fashion collection of Strub Marius. Kanzleistrasse 109, 8004 Zurich.
Costume rental that offers outfits for theme parties, halloween, Fasnacht and weddings. Open Monday to Friday 14:00-18:30 and Saturday 10:00-16:00. Glarnerstrasse 88, 8854 Siebnen.
Atelier Claire Schaerer
Costume rental that provides outfits for the Fasnacht, halloween and Santa Claus. Various other theme clothing and tuxedos. Seefeldstrasse 197, 8008 Zurich.
ABC Kostumverleih
Costume rental and sewing atelier. Offering custom-made cuts. Loewenstrasse 7, 6004 Luzern.
Costuem rental that provides outfits for theme parties, halloween, Fasnacht and historical clothes. Open Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00, Saturday 09:00-16:00. Schaffhauserstrasse 35, 8006 Zurich.
Kostuemeria, Therese Gasser
Services include theme costume, accessories and masks rental. But also sewing of costum-made clothes in any sizes. Luzernerstrasse 8, 5643 Sins.