Financial Consultants: Basel

Insurance advisors, business and management consulting company for both individuals as well as corporates. Offers health, life, car, business insurance as well as legal and tax advice. Located at 160 Burgfelderstrasse, 4055 Basel.
Tax Consultant Office Ruth Dressel, Basel
Appropriate assessment of taxes for all of Switzerland. Specialist for German, English, French and Japanese-speaking foreigners living in Switzerland. At Socinstrasse 58, 4051 Basel.
Kendris AG - Basel
Financial consultants for trust, family office, fiduciary services, national, international tax and legal advice, ART management, accounting and outsourcing services for private and corporate clients. At 5 Steinengraben, 4003 Basel.
SEV Versicherungen
Financial consultants, insurance, tax advice and pension plan consulting firm offers services for both individuals and corporates. Located at 41 Arnold Bocklin-Strasse, 4051 Basel.
AWD Basel
Financial consultants provide customized financial planning solutions to private persons. Branches throughout Switzerland. Visit the website or email for details. Located at 235 Gellertstrasse, 4052 Basel.
RST Treuhand AG
Auditing firm, legal auditors, accounting, book-keeping, tax consulting and advice, financial and business plans consultancy based in Basel. Located at 30 St. Jakobs-Strasse, 4002 Basel.
ClientFocus GmbH
Financial consultants, accounting and audit firm based in Basel for individuals and enterprises offers traditional fiduciary services, tax advice, accounting, personnel administration services. Located at 151 In den Ziegelhofen, 4054 Basel.
PekaFina AG
Insurance and financial advice company based in Basel for individuals as well as businesses. Services include financial management, pension schemes, tax optimization, succession planning and real estate financing. Located at 60 Steinenring, 4051 Basel.
Grether MacGeorge
Investment firm, financial, legal and tax advisers based in Basel. Giving independent advice in English and German for Swiss residents, expats, companies and pension schemes. Authorized by the Swiss Banking Commission. Austrasse 95, 4051 Basel.
Basler Kantonalbank - Basel
Financial advice, asset management, wealth management solutions private bank. 19 branches in Switzerland. Visit the website or email for more details. Located at Brunngasslein 3, 4051 Basel.
Cayros Capital AG
Financial consultants, independent Swiss investment management company based in Basel offer a variety of financial, asset management services from tax and financial planning to legal advise, accounting and insurance. At 29 Thiersteinerallee, 4053 Basel.
Blattner & Partner
Financial advice and tax advice company based in Basel offering services to both individuals as well as enterprises. Visit the website or email or more details. Located at 11 Arnold Bocklin-Strasse, 4051 Basel.
THV AG Basel
Audit firm, cost accounting, financial planning and controlling, tax returns, payroll services, consulting on financial statements, VAT and management consulting services. Offices in Aarau and Rheinfelden. At 8 Kaiserstrasse, 4310 Rheinfelden.
Perrig AG
Financial, payroll accounting, tax advice, financial management , general fiduciary services for small and medium enterprises in Basel-Stadt. Located at 58 Birsstrasse, 4052 Basel.
Highfield Financial Management - Basel
Financial planning, wealth management company offering national and international services for tax returns, mortgages, investments, life insurance, wills and inheritance, pensions, asset and portfolio management. At 7 Centralbahnstrasse, 4051 Basel.
VZ VermogensZentrum Basle
Financial advice, tax advice, wealth management services for individuals and corporates. Offers retirement planning, asset management, financing real estate, investing money and tax solutions. At 20 Aeschengraben, 4051 Basle.
Artax Fide Consult AG
Audit firm, tax advice, financial and management consulting, legal and tax advice for small and medium-sized companies and individuals in the Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft region. Located at 95 Gartenstrasse, 4002 Basel.
Aebin Treuhand AG
Accounting, tax and audit company offering services to private clients as well as small companies. Located at 42 Hardstrasse, 4133 Pratteln.
ATAG Private Client Services Ltd
Accounting, business and management consulting, financial advice, tax advice, audit firm for private wealth management and corporate law services like inheritance planning, asset structuring, family office and more. At 17 St. Jakobs-Strasse, 4052 Basel.
Offering a broad spectrum of tax related services for US and Swiss companies and individuals. Clientele ranges from private individuals and sole proprietors to partnerships and corporate entities across all sectors. Obrechtstrasse 2, 4123 Muttenz.
LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., Basel
Wealth and asset management services for high-net-worth private clients, asset management services for private and institutional investors with branches in 29 locations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Americas. At 15 Lange Gasse, 4002 Basel.
NVC - Basel
Insurance and financial services, tax advice, book-keeping company for individuals and businesses. Offers car, household goods, life insurance, public liability insurance, social security and legal insurance. At 41 Nauenstrasse, 4002 Basel.
Aviso Treuhand AG
Accounting, annual statements of account, financial accounting and cost accounting systems, tax planning and consultancy services for legal and individuals preparation of tax returns, VAT accounting. At 65 Viaduktstrasse, 4054 Basel.
INP Financial Inc. Basel
Financial and insurance consultants in the areas of insurance brokerage, financial services, retirement concepts, home ownership and investment, private tax return and customized financial concepts. At Bruderholzstrasse 45, 4053 Basel.
Pirit AG
Real estate agency that also provides wealth management. WIth locations in Berne and Biel. Saegestrasse 66, 3098 Koeniz and Bahnhofstrasse 7, 2501 Biel.
Bellomo Treuhand AG
Asset management, audit, accounting, financial services, financial statements, advice on VAT issues, tax planning ,succession planning for individuals, small and medium enterprises. Located at 4 Kaspar Pfeiffer-Strasse, 4142 Munchenstein, Basel.
Unabhangige Finanzberatung UFBG GmbH
A qualified and experienced team of insurance and financial advisers offering personalized solutions to both individual and corporate clients. Located at 22 Muhlmattstrasse, Muhlematt Shopping Center, 4104 Oberwil.
Tareno AG - Basel
Financial consultants based in Basel offer wealth management, asset management, portfolio management and investment advisory services. Visit the website for more details. Located at 18 St. Jakobs-Strasse, 4052 Basel.
Merkelbach Coaching
Financial and investment coaching on tax and bank related issues. Master coach IANLP, expertise on active portfolio management, financial analysis and stock recommendations. Speaks English, French and German. At Altenmatteweg 7, 4144 Arlesheim.
KPMG Holding AG - Basel
Auditing, tax advice, legal advice, audit firm, financial services in banking and insurance for individuals and businesses with 11 offices in Switzerland and a global presence. Located at 42 Viaduktstrasse, 4002 Basel.