Garden Services & Landscape Design

Natura Inex
Specialist for landscape design, house greening and garden maintenance. Also provides tree care. Scheibenstrasse 59a, 3014 Berne.
GST Garten und Gebaeudeservice
Specialist for landscaping, horticulture and garden maintenance. Grenzacherstrasse 515, 4058 Basel.
Fonseca Gartenservice
Specialist for garden and yard maintenance, horticulture and building and property management. Doerflistrasse 14, 8057 Zurich.
Blumen Meier Paradies zum Mieten
8000m2 garden center with space to keep tropicals during the winter, rental center as well a greenhouse plants for year-round sales. At Forrholzlistrasse 8, 8307 Bisikon (Effretikon).
Gartenbau Hegi
Garden planning, construction and maintance. Garden project management as well. Also available for water projects. Blotzheimerstrasse 19a, 4055 Basel.
Services include garden maintenance, building and property management and cleaning work. Ruetlistrasse 57, 4051 Basel.
Leuthold Gartenliebhaber
Gardening and tree surgeons who help plan new gardens or help maintain your gardening work. Landscaping and planning assistance. At Doerflistrasse 24a, 8942 Oberrieden.
Schelker E. & Sohn
Offering building and property management as well as garden maintenance. Schuetzenmattstrasse 19, 4051 Basel.
Ammann Gaerten AG
Garden planning, building, design and renovation for corporate and private clientele, small and large projects. At two locations, Hammerstrasse 65, 8032 Zurich and Rebweg 22, 8700 Kusnacht.
GGZ Gartenbau
Specialist for landscaping, garden and yard maintenance and horticulture. Service for new project and re-constructioning. Im Holzerhurd 56a, 8046 Zurich.
Specialist for garden maintenance, including balcony and indoor greening. Also providing sprinkler systems, water and lighting projects. Kalkbreitestrasse 131, 8003 Zurich.
Architect that specializes in landscape design. Neustadtstrasse 7, 6003 Luzern.
Die Gartenmacherin
Providing horticulture and garden maintenance. Contact person is Diana Eichenberger. Glaserbergstrasse 9, 4056 Basel.
Boesch Gartenbau
Planning, construction and maintance of your garden. Services include garden project management, garden design and maintenance, tree and plants surgery. Witikonerstrasse 295, 8053 Zurich.
Portmann Hubert
Specialist for garden maintenance and landscape design. Also providing construction of swimming pools and visibility protection. Luzernerstrasse 44, 6037 Root.
Berner F. Gartenbau AG
Specializes in garden development and garden maintenance for private persons and publics. Talbaechliweg 5, 8048 Zurich.
Blumen Schipfe
Flower and garden design for private and corporate clients. Arrangements, bouquets, accessories for both in-and out of doors. Garden planning offered. Schipfe 25, 8001 Zurich.
Meyer Gaerten
Services include planning and support in landscape design, garden maintenance, tree care and overwintering. Fahrhubel, 3123 Belp.
Landscape design and garden maintenance. Also supports biotope projects. Reckenbuehlstrasse 6, 6005 Luzern.
Strotz Gartenbau
Offers service for garden development and construction and garden maintenance. also prividing nature pool nursing. Ausserdorfstrasse 1, 8052 Zurich.
Home from Home Maintenance Services
Installers of UK satellite TV that provide assistance with general household matters such as, lighting installation, picture and curtain hanging, interior and exterior painting and garden fencing.
g team 1
Service includes counseling, planification and realisation of garden projects. With an English website. Elfenweg 94, 3006 Bern.
Arnold Gartenbau
Offers landscape design, garden maintenance and natural stones projects. Im rank 179, 6300 Zug.
Offers landscape design and garden maintenance for private persons and public institutions. also supports water projects and roof greening. Melchenbuehlweg 24, 3006 Bern.
Steger Gartenbau
Contact for all kind of questions around your garden and landscape architecture. Garden constructions, tree surgeons and plants service. Florastrasse 4a, 8134 Zurich.
Specializes in garden maintenance and natural stones projects. Baselstrasse 9, 4532 Feldbrunnen.
Tanner Gartenbau
Services include garden maintenance, planning and construction work of new development sites, tree surgery, natural stones and indoor greening. Brunaustrasse 6, 8002 Zurich.
Niederberger&von Wyl
Specialist for landscape design, garden maintenance and swimming pool and biotope projects. Bruenigstrasse 44, 6056 Kaegiswil.
Rolf Haldi Gartenbau+Unterhalt
Small landscape gardening service. Completing all kind of general works that is necessary for your garden during summer and winter times. Spechtweg 3, 8032 Zurich.
Hofmann Balz
Specialist for landscape design in the area of Zug. Zeughausgasse 15, 6300 Zug.
Reiss&Reber Garten- und Landschaftsbau
Services include garden planning, garden construction and garden maintenance. Also taking care of trees and water sites. Alte Muehlackerstrasse 25, 8046 Zurich.
Unique Container Gardens
Provides personalized garden design and maintenance services for balconies and terrace space in Zurich and Zug areas.
Garten und Holz
Offers garden maintenance and garden planning and garden construction work. Also specializes in playground construction and roof greening. Bleulerstrasse 11, 8008 Zurich.
Schoenenberger Soehne
Services include horticulture and garden maintanance as well as landscape design. Brunnenmattstrasse 7, 6317 Oberwil bei Zug.
Garden centre, garden design and builders, as well as flower boutique, plant production and creative gardening courses offered. Open Monday to Friday 08:15-11:45 and 13:30-18:30, Saturday 08:15-16:00. At Im Berg 10, 8832 Russikon.
Priority Home Service
For all your home maintenance needs in the Central Switzerland, Zurich, Zug and Luzern regions. From painting, picture hanging, home and garden maintenance to removal assistance and preparations for move-out inspection. At Eggstrasse 57, 6315 Oberaeger
Krebs Paysagistes
Development and embellishment of both private and public gardens in Romandie. 
City Gardens
Dedicated to creating inspirational and practical design solutions for small-scale gardens and outdoor spaces in urban settings. Showroom in Zurich at Soodstrasse 20 is open on Thursday 16:00-18:30.
Salathe Gartenbau AG
Expertise in horticulture, landscape design and architecture. Specialized in innovative gardening, applies different gardening modules, main focus on recycling and sustainability. At Bahnhofstrasse 4, 4104 Oberwil.
Specialist for garden maintenance. Grenzacherstrasse 124, 4058 Basel.
Villiger Arnosti Gartenbau
Specializes in landscape design, garden maintenance work and general greening. Birkenweg 3, 6037 Root.
Raths Gartenbau
Specializes in garden planning, reconstruction, natural stones, horticulture and maintenance. Also taking care of biotopes. Rigistrasse 53, 8006 Zurich.
Laederach A.
Services include planning, construction and maintenance of garden projects. Chamerstrase 42A, 6331 Huenenberg.
Bruder&Zweifel Gartenbau
Specialist for garden work, new developments, garden maintenance and overwintering. Vogtsrain 49, 8049 Zurich.
Gartenbau Landtwing
Services include landscape design, garden maintenance and construction work. balcony greening, water projects and Japanese gardens. Aegeristrasse 33, 6300 Zug.
Fritzsche Gaerten
Offers services for garden, yard and horticulture maintenance. Fluelastrasse 54, 8047 Zurich.
Heini AG
Service include landscape design, garden maintenance, horticulture and nursery. beim Friedental, St.-Karl-Strasse 81, 6004 Luzern.
Staempfli Gartenbau
Offers garden maintenance, garden reconstruction, natural stones work and tree care. Dachslernstrasse 161, 8048 Zurich.
Haas Gartenbau
Services include landscape design, garden maintenance and water projetcs. With locations ins Berne and Bremgarten. Weissebuehlweg 45, 3007 Berne.
Bauert AG
Offering landscape design for gardens and park areas and garden maintenance. Also providing services for water projects and playgrounds. Anemonenweg 35a, 3027 Bern.