Gyms: Berne

Capuns Training Relax & Beauty Center
Fitness center for health and sports massage, cycling, cardio training, message, bioresonance, cosmetic institute for beauty, fitness and wellness offering various training programs and courses. Located at 6 Lindentalstrasse, 3067 Boll.
Physical therapy and training center in Bern offers a comprehensive range of services with a focus on post-operative rehabilitation, prevention, health and sports. Located at 11 Gewerbestrasse, 3012 Bern.
Fit Life GmbH
Fitness center in Bern with modern facilities, a sauna, a solarium, gymnastics, zumba, pilates and lounge area for the training, massage, vibration training, fitness training and much more. Located at 14 Lorystrasse, 3008 Bern.
Kibo GmbH
Fitness center offers physiotherapy and medical training, message, active and passive therapy for individuals by a team of trained instructors. Located at 27B Hessstrasse, 3097 Liebefeld.
Discount Fit
Self-service fitness centers across Switzerland offer modern training equipment and good ambiance. Also has an online shop. Located at 235 Murtenstrasse, 3027 Bern.
Fitness Management
Fitness center in Bern, weight loss clinic offers coaching, personal training, weight coaching, nutrition and dietary advice, wellness coaching and consulting services and programs. Located at 84 Thunstrasse, 3006 Bern.
Omega Healthcare
Fitness center offers aerobics and a comprehensive range of prevention and treatment of diseases and ailments, personal training, therapy, rehabilitation medicine, nutrition and medical massage. Located at 30 Aarbergergasse, 3011 Bern.
Platinum Fitness GmbH
Fitness center and techno gym for fitness and health training, sport specific training, weight control, nutrition and dietary advice, personal and group fitness, back training and rehabilitation, physiotherapy. At 12 Eigerstrasse, 3007 Bern.
Top one
Fitness center in Bern offers aerobics, pilates and other courses for all age groups, seniors, children, pregnant women, special courses, personal and group training programs. Located at 8 Morillonstrasse, 3007 Bern.
Mrs. Sporty
Fitness center, sports club offers a unique thirty minute sport, fitness and diet plan for women of all ages. Visit the website for more information. Located at 162 Bernstrasse, 3052 Zollikofen.
Phoenix Zentrum
Centre that offers various courses in the field of body and energy work. Thai Chi, Qi Gong, Feng Shui and dance classes. Room for seminars, courses, talks and therapy are available to rent. Ostermundigenstrasse 71, 3006 Bern.
Schneider Gesundheitstraining
Fitness center offers personal training, aerobics, power yoga, cycling and Zumba fitness classes, other dance classes for every age, personal and group training. Located at 34 Bernstrasse, 3175 Flamatt.
Free Time HK AG
Fitness center with modern facilities, a sauna, a solarium, gymnastics, zumba, pilates and lounge area for the training, massage, vibration training, fitness training and much more. Located at 4 Neufeldstrasse, 3076 Worb.
Gym Fit Club Bern AG
Fitness center in Bern with modern facilities and equipment offers aerobics, health and well-being counseling, personal and group training, messages, spa, sauna and much more. Located at 9 Randweg, 3013 Bern.
Body Gym Lady GmbH
Gym, fitness center exclusively for women offers aerobics, power plate and galileo, fitness advice, personal training, strength training, a sauna, a solarium and lounge area for group training and much more. At 87 Schwarztorstrasse, 3007 Bern.
Fitness center offers physical therapy, dietary advice, health counseling, physiotherapy, motivational courses for groups, personal training by a team of experienced instructors. Visit the website for more. At 27c Waldeggstrasse, 3097 Liebefeld.
Ambafit GmbH
Fitness center with gym facilities, spa and sauna areas, solarium, various fitness classes, messages and other wellness programs, personal training as well as group training. Located at 221 Worbstrasse, 3073 Gumligen.
Gygax & Zurbuchen GmbH
Fitness center offers fitness training, physical therapy, lymphatic draining, respiratory physiotherapy, incontinence treatment for women, manual therapy, trigger point treatments and much more. Located at 8 Bubenbergplatz, 3011 Bern.
Art of Wellness
Center for diet, exercise, relaxation, mental training, personal coaching, nutrition and diet counseling, personal training and much more. Visit the website for more. Located at 3 Kalchackerhof, 3047 Bremgarten b. Bern.
Trocadero Training AG
Fitness center offers yoga, physical therapy, training, dietary advice, pilates, zumba, sauna, solarium, messages, diet and nutrition counseling, motivational courses for groups, personal training and much more. At 99 Bernstrasse, 3122 Kehrsatz.