Homeopathy & Naturopathy: Basel

Marianne L. Tobler
Naturopathy, reiki master, Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner for treatments of various ailments and chronic illnesses. Located at 67 Steinengraben, 4051 Basel.
Vitalis Health Food & Drugstore AG
Naturopathy, bio products, druggist, specialty shop, pharmacy offers organic products, alternative and natural medicine shop in Basel. Located at 203 Guterstrasse, 4053 Basel.
Irene Aste
Phytotherapy, nutrition counseling, cupping, reflexology, Tibetan energetic back treatment, ear acupressure, dorn therapy, bach flower therapy, schussler salt therapy, acu-taping and more by a trained naturopath. At 139 Steinbuhlallee, 4054 Basel.
Ursula Kung
Dietary advice, foot reflexology and massage, naturopathy, homeopathic medicine, health and sports massage and other manual therapies for allergies, detoxification, weight reduction and more. At 43 B Chrischonastrasse, 4058 Basel.
Academy of Natural Medicine
School and therapy center for Chinese medicine, homeopathy, European naturopathy, therapies and treatments in Basel offers diplomas in homeopathy and acupuncture besides naturopathy treatments. Located at 55 Eulerstrasse, 4051 Basel.
Silvia Burri
Naturopathy, phytotherapy, leech treatments to improve blood flow, breuss massage, cupping, nutrition counseling, herbal medicine, traditional European naturopathy, eye diagnosis and more treatments and therapies. At 40 Hauptstrasse, 4153 Reinach, Base
Wellform City Spa
Services include face and body treatment, massage, spa, yoga, varia and weight management. With an English website. Open Monday 11:30-20:00, Tuesday to Friday 09:00-20:00, Saturday 09:00-17:00.Brunngaesslein 3, 4052 Basel.
Santemed Health Centre Basel
Medical and therapeutic institutions offer range of services in orthodox and complementary medicine like acupressure, acupuncture, breathing therapy, homeopathic treatment, kinesiology, physiotherapy and more. At 9 Henric-Petri Strasse, 4051 Basel.
Dr. Rolf Dunnenberger
Traditional medicine and complementary medicine, acupuncture, internal medicine, alternative therapies and treatments from a team of professionally qualified doctors. Visit the website for more information. Located at 8 Arisdorferstrasse, 4410 Liestal.
Michael Bosshard Naturopathy
Homeopathic treatment, naturopathy and classical homeopathy treatments for both acute and long-lasting chronic diseases by a trained practitioner in western and natural medicine. Located at 39 Bahnhofstrasse, 4402 Frenkendorf.
Beck Martin
Japanese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment, naturopathy and acupuncture from a qualified and trained naturopathic doctor specializing in complementary medical treatments. Located at 2 Roseneggweg, 4460 Gelterkinden.
Lifu International College of Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine college for physicians, acupuncture and naturopaths with clinical practice in Basel. A branch of China Medical University, China offers four undergraduate courses and special courses. At 8 Karl Jaspers-Allee, 4052 Basel.
Atempraxis Basel
Social pedagogue offers breathing therapies and workshops. Located at Freie Strasse 8, 4001 Basel.
Jacqueline Petitjean
Health care center offers naturopathy, health and sports massage, medical massage and spine treatments, foot reflexology massage, myofascial therapy, connective tissue, fascial and manual techniques. Located at 1 Hauptstrasse, 4102 Binningen.