Homeopathy & Naturopathy: Zurich

My Ayurveda
Supplier of Neev body care products. Prepared traditionally with natural ingredients. Buying these products helps NGOs and popularizing Ayurveda practices in Europe.
Santemed Health Centre Zurich
Medical and therapeutic institutions offer range of services in orthodox and complementary medicine like acupressure, acupuncture, breathing therapy, homeopathic treatment, kinesiology, physiotherapy and more. At 46 Baumackerstrasse, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon
Villa BeauSite Practice
Natural healing practitioners offer chiropractor and naturopathy treatments, diagnosis with trigger point therapy, dry needling, therapeutic breathing and relaxation techniques for patients with acute or chronic diseases. 11 Kilchbergsteig, 8038 Zurich.
Embrace Your Vitality
Cranio Sacral and Amatsu treatment for assistance in relaxation and general well-being for men, women and young adults. Yoga classes and workshops offered. Althaustrasse 54, 8957 Spreitenbach.
Naturopath Alejandra Cerezela Wiedmer
Offers holistic, natural therapies for mind and body, tailored treatments to help manage chronic pain and boost the immune system. Speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Located at Bahnhofstrasse 34, 8706 Meilen.
RunaMara GmbH
Naturopathy, meditation lectures and classes on naturopathy and meditation, dietary advice and other therapies by a team of trained and experienced English speaking naturopathy practitioners. At 6 Dubendorfstrasse, 8602 Wangen b. Dubendorf.
Chiron Healing
Reiki practitioner and hands on healing practice. Ratschenfassli 20, 8302 Kloten.
Dr. Rita Klemmer
Homeopathic doctor, classical homeopathy treatments for acute and chronic diseases, angina or middle ear infection, insomnia, gastrointestinal diseases, behavioral disorder and other chronic diseases. Located at 343 Schaffhauserstrasse, 8050 Zurich.
Swiss Flower Power
Produces flower essences according to Dr. Bach. All flowers are chosen and picked in the Swiss countryside by a naturopath. Greifenseestrasse 3, 8050 Zurich.
Bio Impedance (Bio Resonance)
Site provides information on health products, health, fitness and balancing protocols. Bio impedance (bio resonance) practitioners, health and fitness trainers, homoepathy, clark therapy, personal training. At Ghoechstrasse 106, 8498 Gibswil.
Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT therapy (tapping technique) to help allergies, addictions, ADD fears, headaches phobias, weight issues and more. For people from 6 weeks to 90 years old. At Neuhausstrasse 20, 8702, Zollikon Dorf.