Hospitals & Health Centres: Zurich

Special Clinic for Cardiology
The cardiologist Dr. Michael Abay offers prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Bahnhofstrasse 56, 8001 Zurich.
Praxis Klinik Gut Zurich
Range of operations including hip, knee, foot, shoulder, elbow, hand surgeries, surgery of spine and paediatric orthopaedics. Airport Medical Center, 8058 Zurich.
Klinik Pyramide
Centre for plastic surgery, joint and sport surgery, facial surgery and breast cancer surgery. Bellerivestrasse 34. 8034, Zurich.
See-Spital - Horgen
Centre for regional basic medical care specialising in orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, ear, nose and throat, outpatient clinic, rehabilitation, long-term care. Asylstrasse 19, 8810 Horgen.
Privatklinik Hohenegg AG
Clinic specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, burnout, life crises, psychosomatic disorders and post-traumatic disorders. Hohenegg 1, 8706 Meilen.
Spital Zimmerberg (Horgen)
Hospital located in Horgen providing surgery, medical treatment, obstetrics, Chinese medicine and a womens clinic. Emergency centre 24 hours. Visiting hours 14:00-21:00. At Asylstrasse 19, 8810 Horgen.
See-Spital Kilchberg
Provides range of medical services. Include - orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery and ear, nose and throat. Gruetstrasse 60, 8802 Kilchberg, Zurich.
Checkup Centre Hirslanden
Provides facilities for all types of medical check ups. Forchstrasse 420, 8702 Zollikon.
OnkoZentrum Zurich
Oncology clinic, part of the Swiss Tumour Institute, providing cancer treatments. Seestrasse 259, 8038 Zurich.
SportClinic Zurich
Team of specialists for sports surgery, medicine, training, biomechanics and physiotherapy. At clinic Hirslanden, Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zurich.
Schulthess Clinic
Clinic specialised in anaesthesiology, orthopaedics upper extremities, hand surgery, foot and ankle surgery, neurology, sports medicine, spine surgery and neurosurgery. Lengghalde 2, 8008 Zurich.
Klinik Professor Sailer
Centre for facial surgery, jaw and oral surgery, reconstructive and malformation surgery. Toblerstrasse 51, 8044 Zurich.
Centre for abdominal surgery including liver, bladder, pancreas, small and large intestines, morbid obesity, hernias, proctology and an entire range of minimally invasive surgery. Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zurich.
Stadtspital Triemli
Inter medicine hospital in the city of Zurich, offering medical treatment, surgery and obstetrics services. Visiting hours are 13:00-20:00. At Birmensdorferstrasse 497, 8063 Zurich.
Klinik Stephanshorn - St.Gallen
Member of the Hirslanden hospital group. Offers first class medical care from specialist fields - general, abdominal surgery, anaesthesiology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, physiotherapy. At Brauerstrasse 95, 9016 St. Gallen.
Klinik im Park (Ami Klinik)
A member of the 13 private Hirslanden clinics in Switzerland. Offering surgery, medical treatment, obstetrics and physical therapy. Located on the Seestrasse 220, 8802 Zurich.
Clinic Bethanien
Private clinic providing surgery and obstetrics. At Toblerstrasse 51, 8044 Zurich.
Startseite Stadtspital Waid
Hospital with 300 beds provides healthcare service and all medical facilities. Tiechestrasse 99, 8037 Zurich
Uniklinik Balgrist
Specialise in orthopaedics, radiology, physical medicine and rheumatology and anaesthesiology. Forchstrasse 340, 8008 Zurich.
Stadtspital Waid
Twenty four hour emergency medical treatment centre. Takes patients with private, partly-private and general health insurance. Tiechestrasse 99, 8037 Zurich.
Klinik Tiefenbrunnen
Clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Dammstrasse 29, 8702 Zurich.
Clienia Oerlikon
Provides a range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for patients with psychiatric-psychotherapeutic complaints. Schulstrasse 28, 8050 Zurich.
Klinik Hirslanden -Zurich
One of a group of 13 private clinics in Switzerland with a wide range of medical topics covered, from sports medicine to cardiology and neurology. Visiting hours are 09:00-21:00. At Witellikerstrasse 40, 8008 Zurich.
Klinik Belair - Schaffhouse
Belongs to Hirslanden hospital group, offers complete range of medical treatment. Specializes in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, urology, rheumatology, venereology, hand, spine, plastic, aesthetic and visceral surgery. At Rietstrasse 30, 8201 Schaffhausen.
Klinik Am Rosenberg
A member of Hirslanden hospital group, the clinic offers complete range of medical services. Specialized in orthopaedic and neurosurgery and has several medical institutes which offer dedicated medical services. At Hasenbühlstrasse 11, 9410 Heiden.
Hirslanden Klinik Aarau
Member of Hirslanden private hospital group, offers complete range of medical services including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Focus on orthopaedics, traumatology, cardiology and gynaecology. At Schanisweg, 5001 Aarau.
Praxis Zurich
Specialise in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Bahnhofstrasse 52, 8001 Zurich.
Oncology centre Hirslanden
Centre provides treatment for tumour diseases. Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zurich.
Clienia Bergheim AG
Specialised in treating psychiatric illnesses in elderly people with various forms of dementia, schizophrenia, depression, substance addictions and personality disorders along with long-term psychiatric care. Hollaenderstrasse 80, 8707 Uetikon am See.
Clienia Schloessli AG - Wetzikon
Center provides a range of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments. Hospital Strasse 60, 8620 Wetzikon.
Hirslanden Movement Clinic
Treatment of injuries and diseases of the postural and locomotor apparatus. Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zurich.
Clienia Schloessli AG - Oetwil am See
Private clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy. Schloesslistrasse 8, 8618 Oetwil am See.
Healthy and Safe Away From Home
First-aid training, custom-tailored courses and presentations for adults and teenagers from an experienced medical graduate and certified instructor. Located at 1 Waldmattstrasse, 8135 Langnau am Albis.
Privatklinik Bethanien AG
Specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics, ear, nose and throat illnesses (ENT), internal medicine, maxillary and facial surgery, orthopaedic surgery. Toblerstrasse 51, 8044 Zurich.
Hospital for babies, children and adults, providing surgery, medical treatments and obstetrics. At Gruetstrasse 6, 8802 Kilchberg.
Uses treatment methods to recognize an existing imbalance. Specializes in wellness, massage, nutrition and holistic facial and body care. Ruedi-Walter-Strasse 2A, 8050 Zurich.
Providers of outpatient anaesthetic services. Deisruetistrasse 7, 8472 Seuzach.
Radiology Institute for radiology and nuclear medicine
Hirslanden clinic offers modern technologies for the various types of examinations and testing. Available 24 hours a day. Witellikerstrasse 40, 8032 Zurich.
University Hospital
The hospital is a publicly owned hospital and open to the public. Zurichs largest and best-equipped hospital. Raemistrasse 100, 8091 Zurich.
Clienia AG - Winterthur
Private hospital group providing psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services. Konradstrasse 15, 8400 Winterthur, Zurich.