Inline & Skate Parks

Inline-skates rental
In-line skate and kick board rental. Open daily, 7 days. Located in the Zurich train station by the luggage department. Opening times Monday-Saturday 07:00-19:00 and Sunday 08:00-19:00.
Monday Night Skate
Each Monday people are able to participate in a skating evening from 20:00 on (warm-up at 19:00) for 2.5 hours. No reservation required. The tour starts and ends at Buerkliplatz.
Rollodrom Landiwiese
A free skating facility located with views over Lake Zurich with a mini-pipe, ramp, fun box, slalom marking, basketball net, and kiosk. On-site skate rental available. At Mythenquai, 8002 Zurich.
Skate maps-ordering service
Maps showing Switzerlands best skating routes. Address, Postfach, 8840 Einsiedeln.
A web portal with information on cycling, mountain biking, hiking, in-line skating and canoeing trails in Switzerland. Brochures, tours, guides and general information offered in English, German and French. At Chlupfstrasse 8, 8615 Oberweningen.
Halfpipe Fronwald
Open daily to the public, at Fronwaldstrasse 115, 8046 Zurich.
Skaterpark Buchleren
A skaters park equipped with a fun box, quarter pipe, curbs and benches. Located and At Friedhofstrasse 89, 8048 Zurich.