Insurance: Lucerne & Zug

Groupe Mutuel Lucerne
Healthcare and life insurance, accident, mobility, private and medical legal protection insurance for private individuals as well as corporate insurance solutions. Visit the English website for more information. At 40 Hirschmattstrasse, 6003 Lucerne.
Odermatt Zuber & Partner AG
Pension solutions and financial planning, occupational pensions, company insurance, personal insurance and risk management services company based in Lucerne. Services available in English. Located at 16 Kauffmannweg, 6003 Lucerne.
Swiss Life - General Agency Zug
Insurance and pension plan consulting company that offers services in tax, finance and law protection. Email or visit the website for more details. Located at 71 Baarerstrasse, 6300 Zug.
JUAL Immobilien- und Finanzberatung, Bosch & Partner
Financial advice, real estate management, financial planning services, insurance solutions for individuals as well as businesses. Email or more details. Located at 1 Hausmatte, 6289 Muswangen.
Generali - Luzern
Insurance, investment plans company for individuals as well as enterprises with a strong distribution partner network across Switzerland. Visit the website for more details. Local contact 12 Nidfeldstrasse, 6010 Kriens.
Sympany - Luzern
Health and accident insurance for individuals and companies, as well as property and liability insurance. Company head office in Basel. Visit the website for more details. Located at 26 Pilatusstrasse, 6003 Luzern.
S&P Life and Pension AG
Pension services, pension funds covering all aspects of occupational pension and financial planning, legal issues related to occupational pension, integrated financial and retirement planning solutions. Located at 27 Ringstrasse, 6010 Kriens.
Financial Solutions
An independent financial advisor giving assistance to private persons for financial planning and solutions. Third pillar, life insurance, indirect amortisation of mortgages, and fund-based saving plans are among services provided.
Zurich Insurance - General Agency Zug
Insurance services, financial planning, investment services, retirement planning for risk coverage, for individuals as well as companies, whether small, medium or large public institutions. Local representative at 9 Alpenstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Nationale Swiss General Agency Zug
Insurance company that specialises in life, car, accident, building, travelling, liability and household and personal effects insurances. English speaking contact is Philipp Sidler. Poststrasse 15, 6301 Zug.
Allianz Suisse
Offers solutions and services for risk coverage and retirement planning in different life stages.
AA Group Financial Consulting AG
Financial advice, insurance and tax advisors, wealth management, asset management, financial planning services, insurance broker for SMEs and individuals. Located 82 Bosch, 6331 Hunenberg.
Concordia Agency Zug
Swiss health and accident insurance with over 300 local agencies all over Switzerland. English speaking contact is Susanne Christen. Bundesplatz 18, 6304 Zug.
Swica Agency Zug
Health care insurance for prevention, disease and accident. English speaking contact is Philipp Sidler. Poststrasse 30, 6301 Zug.
Insurance company that covers all kind of insurance needs. Specialist for families. Call for your local rep restative. Tribschenstrasse 21, 6002 Luzern.
Axa Winterthur - Zug
Insurance company offers private individuals and corporate customers a range of personal, property and liability insurance solutions as well as customized life, pension and investment products. Located at 17 Bahnhofstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Basler Versicherungen General Agency Zug
Insurance company that offers additionally financial services with their Baloise Bank,24 hours claims service and partner enterprises for car case of damage. English speaking contact at Basler in Zug is Hans-Ueli Kohler. Bahnhofstrasse 22, 6301 Zug.
Health insurance fund for equal opportunities between conventional medicine and natural medicine. Call or email for more information. Located at 57 Baarerstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Helsana Versicherungen AG -Zug
Insurance company specializing in health insurance, illnesses and accidents, maternity and old age for both private individuals as well as enterprises. Visit the website or email for more details. At 98 Baarerstrasse, 6300 Zug.
Kolping Krankenkasse AG
Comprehensive range of services, ranging from compulsory health care insurance to various additional tailored hospital and sickness and accident insurance. Located at 49 Birkenstrasse, 6343 Rotkreuz.
Fiscom Treuhand GmbH
Auditing firm, personnel administration, accounting, tax advice, revisions, all legal and technical issues, payroll accounting and administration and personal insurance advice. At 1 Bahnhofstrasse, 6340 Baar.
Swiss Mobiliar General Agency
Insurance company that specializes in insurance and pensions. At Zeughausgasse 2, 6301 Zug (also Bundesgasse 35, 3001 Bern).