International & Specialist Foods

El Sol AG
Specialized in importing Mexican groceries, kitchenware, decoration and furniture. Offers tortillas, salsas, mole, hot sauces, guacamole. Canned pepper, dried chili variety, and other ingredients for Mexican dishes. At Lachenstrasse 10, 4123 Allschwil.
Offers mobile snack bar, aperitif and lunch catering, served at any place. Serves food - a mix of American fusion cuisine, vegetarian and non vegan food, fresh and grilled. Event planning and consulting services also offered.
La Maison Michel
Specialist food store that sells wine, champagne and food from France. With an English website. Glaernischstrasse 46b, 8712 Staefa.
New Asia Market
Specialist in Asian food with a location in Basel and Zurich. Rheinfelderstrasse 1, 4058 Basel and Feldstrasse 24, 8004 Zurich.
Das Hollandische Ladeli - Dutch Food Store
Shop selling Dutch specialty food such as peanut butter, cheese, bitterballen and a whole range of other food products. Visit the website to shop online. Located at 10 Florastrasse, 8134 Adliswil.
Franky’s cheese & more
Specialises in British delicatessen products that can not be bought at normal British supermarkets. Open Tuesday to Saturday.Neugasse 23, 6300 Zug.
Renovated town house located in the middle of a shopping area. All rooms have internet access and pay tv. With a own bagel shop that is open Monday to Friday 08:00-18:30, Saturday 09:00-18:00 and Sunday 10:00-18:00. Oberer Graben 8, 8400 Winterthur.
Food, shop and bar for wine, vinegar, oils, whiskey, cigars, gift baskets and gift ideas. Open daily 08.00-22.00 hours. Visit the website for more information. Located at Airport Center, Zurich Airport.
A variety of packaged British food for sale online. Delivery per post to Switzerland. Gift boxes also available. Orders may also be picked up at shop. Located at Mittlerreidholz 1, 6030 Ebikon.
Specialist food store that sells Greek specialities to private persons and business. Open Monday to Friday 06:00-18:00, Saturday 06:00-14:00. Gaswerkstrasse 2a, 8952 Schlieren.
Taste of America
Provides a wide selection of popular American foods.
Best curry
Specialist for Indian food in Zurich that offers business lunches delivery, takeaway, party, apero and catering service. Food can be order on-line. Also offering cooking classes. Vorhaldenstrasse 9, 8049 Zurich.
Mullum Australia Shop
Shop that sells Australian products, food and non-food. Buy on-line or in store. Open Tuesday to Friday 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:30, Saturday 10:00-16:00, Sunday 13:00-17:00. Halsgasse 29, 8640 Rapperswil.
Popcorn online shop offers popcorn, spices, glazes, machines, and stands to rent out for delivery in Switzerland. Site is in German but with pictures. Located In Cholplatz 7, 8180 Buelach.
El Sol AG
Mexican groceries, kitchenware, decoration and furniture. Offers tortillas, salsas, mole, hot sauces, guacamole. Canned pepper, dried chili variety, other ingredients for Mexican dishes. Lachenstrasse 10, 4123 Allschwil or online store
Singaporean catering company based in Zug. Traditional food prepared from fresh seasonal vegetables and meat from Switzerland. All types of Asian cuisines - Singaporean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese food prepared and delivered home.
Pretot Delikatessen
Butchery that specializes in smoked meat. Open Monday 10:00-18:30, Tuesday to Saturday 09:00-18:30. Kuttelgasse 3, 8001 Zurich.
Specialist food store that sells food from Iberia and Spain. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:30. With an on-line shop. Bitziberg 1, 8184 Bachenbuelach.
Pasta Romagna
Freshly made pasta. Also, lunchtime take-out and party service, catering. Minervastrasse 29, 8032 Zurich.
Coffee, tea, spices, rice, dried legumes dried fruits and nuts. Open Tuesday to Friday 08:00-18:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00. Munstergasse 19, 8001 Zurich.
Lillimoo Cakes
Unique cakes in virtually any shape for any occasion, crafted with utmost care and attention.
Sells Indian and Oriental specialities. Mainly from India and Sri Lanka. With locations in Basel, Berne and Zurich. Langstrasse 62, 8004 Zurich.
El Maiz
Home made tortillas, Mexican beers, salsa sauces and other Mexican specialities. Josefstrasse 23, 8005 Zurich.
American Food Avenue
Online shop that sells a wide range of American brands like Hersheys and Aunt Jemima. Chemin de la Mairie 5, 1223 Cologny/Geneva.
Italian speciality shop with take out dishes and in-house marketplace selling olive oil, wine, and home-made pasta, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Open Monday to Friday 07:00-19:00, Saturday 08:00-16:00. At Schaffhauserstrasse 353, Zurich.
The Big Chili
Hot food specialities offering chili sauces and traditional ingredients from Mexico, the Caribbean and the American Southwest. At Morartenstrasse 12, 8004 Zurich.
The Pie Shop
The shop produces home-made pies and pastries as well as sweets like gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies and apple pies. Catering orders welcome. Open Monday-Friday, 10:30-19:00 and Saturday 11:00-16:00. At Rotbuchstrasse 1a, 8006 Zurich.
Motzers Imports
Specialist food store with a wide selection on Asian food. Baslerstrasse 102, 8048 Zurich.
Nishis Japan Shop
Small store but well stocked with Japanese goods. Online shop available. Opened Monday 13:30-18:30, Tuesday to Friday, 09:00-18:30 and Saturday 09:00-16:00. Schaffhauserstrasse 120, 8057 Zurich.
A department store that offers name brand shopping. Offers "shops within shops". International grocery store located in the basement. Seidengasse 1, 8001 Zurich.
Asia Store Dragon Food
Speciality food store that sells Asian food. With two locations in Zurich. Hauptbahnhof, 8005 Zurich and Affolternstrasse 10, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon.
Pasar Indonesia
Leading import company for Indonesian food specialities in Switzerland. Selling to private persons and business. On-line shop. Grenzweg 9, 4322 Mumpf.
Maria Dolores GmbH
Produces authentic Mexican specialities in Mexico and imports in Switzerland. Salsas, guacamole, black beans, prickly pear cactus & other specialities available in delicatessen stores such as Globus. List of stockists and recipes available on site.
On-line shop that offers British food and groceries in Switzerland.
Spiffing Ales
Microbrewery that brews British ales in Switzerland, using old recipes. Brewed according to traditional methods, with a capacity of 100 litres a week. Open most Saturdays 11:00-18:00.At Robert Ellis Microbrewery, Alte Kleindorfstrasse 65, 8707 Uetikon.
An upscale department store comparable to Bloomingdales in New York. Basement gourmet grocery is the source of many good international delicacies. Schweizergasse 12, 8001 Zurich.
Tropical Drum
Carries African food and beauty products. Located at Langstrasse 238, 8005 Zurich
Balik -Caviar House and Prunier
Shop located in Zurich Airport as well as Online with specialites such as home smoked salmon, truffles, caviar fois gras and special oils. Shop in Termial A and B, Smokehouse in Toggenburg.