Lawyers: Zurich

Thomann Kathrin
Lawyers, attorney at law, law firm practicing in family law, employment law, contract law, social insurance and criminal law. Services in English available. Located at 4 Dubendorfstrasse, 8051 Zurich.
Meyer Lustenberger - Zurich
International law firm in Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Zug and Geneva. Advising clients in all matters of national and international business law and representing their interests before Swiss courts. Forchstrasse 452, 8032 Zurich.
Schellenberg Witmer
Schellenberg Wittmer is a full-service business law firm that advises Swiss and international companies and high net worth individuals on all aspects of Swiss and international business law. Lowenstrasse 19, 8021 Zurich.
Eversheds Ltd - Zurich
International law firm practicing in all aspects of business law with offices in Berne, Geneva and Zurich besides international branches, caters to English speaking clients. Visit the website for details. Located at 22 Stadelhoferstrasse, 8001 Zurich.
Bratschi Wiederkehr & Buob - Zurich
Law firm, lawyers practicing in business law, tax and public law offer services to Swiss and foreign clients. Offices in Basel, Bern. St. Gallen. Zug and Zurich. Visit the website for more details. At 70 Bahnhofstrasse, P.O. Box 1130, 8021 Zurich.
Global law firm proving a comprehensive range of legal and taxation services. At Dreik√∂nigstrasse 7, P.O. Box 8022 Zurich.
SwissLegal (Zurich) AG
Lawyers, tax specialists from a range of legal fields for companies and individuals specializing in commercial law, asset administration, tax and estate planning. Offices in Basel, Bern, Zurich, Chur, Olten, Zug. At 2 Alfred-Ulrich-Strasse, 8702 Zollikon
Swiss Law Solutions - The Ghaemmaghami Law Firm
Has offices in Zurich and Walenstadt, with English & German speaking attorneys offering legal services in numerous fields of law. At Greifenseestrass 29, 8050 Zurich & Staadweg 3, 8880 Walenstadt.
Vogel, Helfenstein, Crameri, Seitz, Waldmeier
A small law firm in the centre of downtown Zurich, specialising in commercial law. This companys international contacts allow for the acceptance of international issues. Stadthausquai 1, 8001 Zurich.
Streiff Pellegrini & von Kaenel
Medium-sized law firm in Wetzikon. Private labor law and public service law. Bahnhofstrasse 67, 8622 Wetzikon.
Weinmann Zimmerli AG
Female lawyer trained to advise and defend. Specialising in health, insurance, contracts and sports law. Working for KRSW Weinmann. Florastrasse 44, 8032 Zurich.
Yassin Abu-Ied RA
Lawyers, law firm, legal advice and consulting specializing in advising and representing companies and individuals from abroad in corporate law, contract law, company law and international criminal law. At 16 Badenerstrasse, 8021 Zurich.
Johannes Saeuberli
Specialising in tax issues for private persons as well as for companies. Working for Meng-Saeuberli. Nordstrasse 19, 8006 Zurich.
Roesle Frick & Partner
Law firm based in Zurich and Pfaffikon practicing business law and personal affairs laws provide legal advice, notarial services and represent national and international clients in litigation. Located at 18 Bleicherweg, PO Box 2745, 8022 Zurich.
Michael Hartmann, LL.M.
Private Banking and Private Equity / M&A, notably in the context of succession planning for entrepreneurs / HNWI and respective Structures, including funds, trusts, foundations etc, and taxation issues related thereto.
Losinger Willimann & Donghi
Law firm, team of lawyers practicing company and commercial law, contract law, international private law, residence and work permits, employment law, formation of companies and more. Services available in English. At 181 Dufourstrasse, 8008 Zurich.
Anwaltsburo Hubner - Zurich
Law firm, lawyers with offices in Zug and Zurich offer legal advice and representation to private and business clients in different areas of law. Services offered in English and German. Located at 414 Badenerstrasse, 8004 Zurich.
Adriano Marantelli
Lawyer specializing in tax issues. Working for Meyerlustenberger Lachenal. At Forchstrasse 452, 8032 Zurich.
Arnold Legal Ltd - Zurich
General practice law firm with offices in Zug and Zurich, specializing in business and commercial law offers a full range of legal services to foreign and domestic clients for organizations as well as private clients. At 4 Bahnhofplatz, 8001 Zurich.
Grueninger Hunziker Roth Rechtsanwalte
An international commercial law practice dealing with finance, trade, immigration, international trade and mobility, insolvency, real estate, wealth management and others. Offices in Bern and Zurich. Contact person Dr. M. Meer, Bahnhofstr. 6, 8021 Zurich
Bar & Karrer AG Zurich
Law firm, lawyers offer the full range of legal services in the German, French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Zug, Geneva and Lugano. Located at 90 Brandschenkestrasse, 8027 Zurich.
Daniel Frech
Lawyer trained to advise and defend. Specialised in contracts, civil, labour, inheritance and business law. Working for Suter & Frech. Geissacher 8, 8126 Zumikon.
Dietrich, Baumgartner & Partner Attorneys at Law
Medium-sized law firm focusing on corporate and commercial law. Advising clients and conducting legal proceedings under civil and commercial law before the courts in Switzerland. Sihlporte 3 / Talstrasse, 8021 Zurich.
Dario Zarro
Lawyer who is trained to advise and defend. Specialised in mediation, labour, inheritance, non-citizen and business law. Working for Gabi Zarro von Gunten. Albisriederstrasse 361, 8047 Zurich.
Advokaturburo Aschwanden
Legal advice, attorneys at law, law firm, general lawyers office for private individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Speaks English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian. At 9 Untere Fischbachstrasse, 8932 Mettmenstetten.
KRSW Weinmann
A law firm specializing in the protection, management and enforcement of intellectual property (IP) and related rights. Florastrasse 44, 8032 Zurich.
Pfister & Partner
Law firm, notary, lawyers advise and represent individuals as well as Swiss and foreign companies, execute and notarize wills, prenuptial agreements and certificates of inheritance for private individuals. At 110 Bahnhofstrasse, 8001 Zurich.
George Hunziker
Lawyer who is trained to advise and defend. Specialising in marriage, commercial, inheritance and civil law. Working for Frick Hofer Hunziker Rechtsanwaelte. Haus zum Raben / Schifflaende 5, 8024 Zurich.
KLEIN Attorneys
A mid sized Banking and Finance / Private Client boutique law firm in Zurich, specialised in Private Jets / Business Aviation and providing notaries services in Zug for incorporation of companies.
Grendelmeier Jenny & Partner
A team of five Swiss attorneys-at-law. Cover all legal matters as well as provide answers to questions on international law. Zollikerstrasse 141, 8008 Zurich.
Langner Stieger Trachsel & Partner
Family law firm offering consultation and representation in the solution of legal problems in both private and working life. Heuelstrasse 21, 8030 Zurich.
Muriel Houlmann
Female lawyer trained to advise and defend. Specialising in civil, inheritance, marriage, divorce and contract law. Working for Houlmann & Bertschinger, General Wille-Strasse 21, 8027 Zurich.
Andreas Bertsch
Lawyer trained to advise and defend. Specialising in contracts, civil, building, economic and international law. Zeltweg 25, 8032 Zurich.
Erich Binder
Lawyer specialising in labour law. Working for Binder Sutter Mumenthaler Wiget. Zeltweg 64, 8032 Zurich.
Heidi Affolter-Eijsten
Female lawyer trained to advise and defend. Preferred areas are contracts, criminal law and civil law. Hornbachstrasse 50, 8034 Zurich.
Bernasconi & Bernasconi
Multilingual lawyers, law firm practicing in the field of commercial and business law, national and international commercial and contract law, taxation law, international transactions and investment law. At P. O. Box 3875, CH-8021 Zurich.
Weidema van Tol
Corporate and tax law firm with offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United States. Legal services for holding, intellectual property, finance and operating companies.
Patrick A. Schaerz
Lawyer, attorney-at-law, general practitioner in the fields of European convention on human rights, criminal law, law of contract, law of trade marks, medical law and more. Services available in English. Located at 23 Tannenzaunstrasse, 8610 Uster.
Wenger Plattner - Zurich
Business law firm, public notaries, tax advisers with offices in Basel, Zurich, Bern and Geneva. Practice corporate and contract law, restructuring, insolvency law, employment law, real estate, construction and tax law. 39 Seestrasse,8700 Kusnacht-Zurich
Herzer Brender Zollinger
Law firm that is based in Zurich and aims to provide a personal consulting for every client. Works in various fields of law. Bahnhofstrasse 61, 8001 Zurich.
Dicki Lamdark
Female lawyer trained to advise and defend. Specialised in liability, insurance and non-citizen law. Schulhausstrasse 35, 8706 Meilen.
Gruter Schneider & Partner AG
Law firm, lawyers, attorneys at law for consulting, litigation and arbitration in fair trade law, trademark law, copyright law, patent law, IT law, design law, privacy law and licensing. Offices in Zurich and Lucerne. At 49 Beethovenstrasse, 8022 Zurich.
Niederer Kraft & Frey AG
An international law firm with over 70 lawyers, providing services on all legal matters. Bahnhofstrasse 13, 8001 Zurich.
Nationally and internationally reputed Swiss law firm. Attorneys at Law, Muhlebachstrasse 32, 8024 Zurich.
Brigitte von der Crone
Female lawyer trained to advise and defend. Specialising in commercial, business, banking, negotiable instruments, civil, inheritance and competition law. Samariterstrasse 5, 8032 Zurich.
Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS AG - Zurich
Law firm, lawyers, notary public, attorneys at law. Offices in Basel, Argovia, Zug, Bern and Zurich. Services available in English language. Visit the website for more information. Located at 51 Fluelastrasse, 8047 Zurich.
Fischer & Partner - Zurich
Law firm with offices in Zurich, Bern and Zug practicing in the areas of international and Swiss assets protection as well as Swiss and international economic law, civil rights, employment law, banking, finance and more. At 7 Freigutstrasse, 8002 Zurich.
Kuoni Attorneys at Law Ltd.
Law firm practicing commercial law represents Swiss and foreign entrepreneurs in all business related and private matters as attorneys, project managers or general contractors. At 66 Lowenstrasse, P.O. Box 4016, 8021 Zurich.
Arter Oliver
A business that focuses on international wealth transfer and business transactions. Advice to private clients on structuring of assets (trusts, foundations, international business corporations, taxation), residence and estate planing. Bellerivestrasse 20
Conrad Hochli Kink & Partner
Law practice with notarial and tax consultancy services for legal, notarial and tax services to private individuals, companies and public-sector organisations. Offices in Baden, Bremgarten and Muri. Located at 1 Schwertstrasse, 5401 Baden.
Buhlmann & Fritschi Attorneys at Law
Law firm, lawyers with offices in Zurich and Lucerne offer a comprehensive range of legal advice and services for both private individuals and companies. Visit the website for more details. Located at 42 Talacker, 8001 Zurich.
Prager Dreifuss
Thirty five lawyers act for both local and international clients, for companies from all business sectors. Private clients also welcome. Focuses on Swiss and international business law issues.Muhlebachstrasse 6, 8008 Zurich.