WRS Worldradio
National media broadcast in English for anglophones, anglophiles and anglo-professionals in Switzerland who enjoy listening to English-language content and music.
Global media company that offers a news and information website for internationals living abroad. With daily country-specific news and features.
Swiss News
Monthly English-language magazine printed since 1981, with informative issues on life, living and working in Switzerland.
Website run by the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation. News, politics, legalities and up-to-date information on life and living in Switzerland. Links to Governement departments.
An interactive multimedia website in nine languages that acts as an information platform reporting daily news about Switzerland. At Giacomettistrasse 1, 3000 Bern 15.
WRS On Air Magazine
World Radio Switzerlands publishes a magazine twice a year with articles of lifestyle, food, cinema, travel, books and more.
International Herald Tribune
On-line global edition of the New York Times.
The Zug Post
Website with daily news written in English. Provided by and the media partner Neue Zuger Zeitung.
Website that provides information for all parts of Switzerland covering administration, cantons, history and culture, education and economy.