Physiotherapy & Osteopathy: Lucerne & Zug

Joerg Haeusler
Chiropractic treatment and diagnosis. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:30-12:00, 13:30-18:00 and Wednesday to Thursday 7:30-12:00. Inseliquai 8, 6005 Luzern.
Physio Lounge GmbH
Provide services of physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, electrical therapies, massage and matrix rhythm therapy. Waldstaetterstrasse 23, 6003 Luzern.
Physiotherapie Oberdorf
Treat and advise on back pain, joint and muscle discomfort, sports injuries, rheumatic diseases, pose problems, whiplash, incontinence, lymphedema, neurological diseases and unsteadiness of gait. Falkenweg 15, 6340 Baar.
I.O.M. Institute of Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic manual medicine and treatment to optimize function and interaction of muscle and skeletal structures. Grafenaustrasse 15, 6300 Zug.
Physiotherapie Urs Hodel
Range of treatments includes physical therapy, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and neurorehabilitation. Alpenstrasse 4, 6004 Luzern.
Daase Gesundheitszentrum
Center for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, health-oriented fitness training works, physical therapy, pain therapy and medical training therapy. Monday to Friday 6:30-21:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00-17:00. Industriestrasse 10, 6010 Kriens.
Services including manual therapy, sports rehabilitation, manual lymphatic drainage, massage and sport massage. Zurichstrasse 12, 6004 Luzern.
Winnie Meulenberg
Provides massage techniques, gymnastics, medical training therapy, heat and cold packs, electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy, manual therapy to eliminate movement restrictions and craniosacral therapy. Schulhausstrasse 10, 6048 Horw.
Physiotherapie Nierle
Range of therapies such as manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, functional kinetics, trigger point therapy and pilates. Ruopigenplatz 6, 6015 Luzern.
Physiotheraphie im Schutzengel AG
Osteopathy, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, cellulite treatment and toning of flaccidity. Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 07:30-20:00, Friday 07:30-18:00 and Saturday 08:00-13:00. Allmendstrasse 1, 6300 Zug.
Dr. Dietmar Vogel + Dr. Yves Russi
Doctors of Chiropractic. Practice is located by the train station in Lucerne. Open Monday to Wednesday 07:30-12:00 and 13:30-18:00, Thursday 07:30-12:00 and Friday 07:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:00. Zentralstrasse 14, 6003 Lucerne.
Praxis fuer Osteopathie
Osteopathic treatments for indigestion with diarrhoea, constipation or bloating, severe tiredness, exhaustion, functional complaints with breathing or the heart and joint or muscle problems. Morgartenstrasse 7, 6003 Luzern.
Personal Performance
Physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, personal training, performance and functional diagnostics and massage. Bruenigstrasse 20, 6005 Luzern.
Physiotherapie fuer Neurorehabilitation
Diagnosis and treatment of stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, polio, cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, spinal and joint problems. Luzernerstrasse 48, 6330 Cham.
Quantum Physiotherapie
Treatment of acute pain, chronic pain, painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system in adults, children and adolescents. Waldstaetterstrasse 3, 6003 Luzern.
Various therapies include respiratory therapy, pelvic floor therapy, exercise therapy, ergonomics and prevention, cardiovascular therapy, lymphological therapy, manual therapy, neurological therapy and physical measures. Gotthardstrasse 14, 6300 Zug.