Property Search & House Hunters: Zurich

ImmoSky Zurich
Real Estate Company provides services for buying the property. Lagerstrasse 14, 8600 Dubendorf.
Online site offering services with house hunting. Searching for apartment, homes and tenants for clients. Offers relocation assistance and services to both landlords and tenants.
Apartments Swiss Star
Provide furnished apartments. Obstgartenstrasse 24, 8302 Kloten.
GM Expatriate Services and Relocation Support
Relocation services with home search service. 8615 Wermatswil.
Search engine for house and apartments to rent or buy with simple directions for use.
Swiss Relocation Services GmbH
Provide assistance in house hunting. Hubackerstrasse 31, 8105 Regensdorf.
Swiss Home Consulting
Provide services to buy or to rent a house or an apartment. Oberrenggstrasse 7, 8135 Langnau am Albis.
Halter Immobilien
Offering specialist consulting services over the entire real estate life cycle. Location and market analysis, estimates, consulting in terms of location development, positioning of brands and property management.Hardturmstrasse 134, 8005 Zurich.
Marc Property&Investments AG
Property management and investment management. Katharinenweg 3, 8002 Zurich.
Schweizer Relocation
Specialising in making the acclimation of employees and their families into the Zurich area pleasant and rewarding. Exclusive additional services include cross cultural training, ladies days, kids point and city guide. Baslerstrasse 30, 8048 Zurich.
Ativa Relocation Services Aline Turley
Property search for homes and residential properties. Thesenacher 24, 8126 Zumikon.
Anchor Relocation Services GmbH
Housing service, purchase of properties and property management. Dreikonigstrasse 31a, 8002 Zurich.
Peach Property Group AG
Buying of residential property. Seestrasse 346, 8038 Zurich.
Intercity - Zurich
Apartment for rent, investment properties and sales of residential property. Zollikerstrasse 141, 8008 Zurich.
Touchdown Relocation Services
Services cover the entire relocation process such as area orientation, finding housing, information on schools,introduction to local infrastructure and organizing workmen.Spindelstrasse 2, 8041 Zurich.
Verimag Management and Real Estate AG
Purchase, sales and rental services. Schleifetobelweg 3, 8810 Horgen.
Quadriga Immobilien AG
Property search, purchase, sale and rental. Rennweg 6, 8001 Zurich.
Goldkueste Zurichberg
Purchase and sale of residential properties. Gemeindestrasse 51, 8032 Zurich.
Jeannet Property Development AG
Property management. Giesshuebelstrasse 62C, 8045 Zurich.
Henri Harsch HH SA
Provide wide choice of properties. Marktgasse 18, 8302 Kloten.
A real estate Internet portal for all of Switzerland. Houses, apartments, commercial and vacation rentals and sales are offered.
An online site with information in German and French for students looking for accommodation as well as an events section, job, carreer and campus shop. Address Hallwylerstrasse 26, 8004 Zurich.
Livit AG - Zurich
Service provider for all matters relating to property. Altstetterstrasse 124, 8048 Zurich.
Relocations service that assists you during relocation to Switzerland. Options include pre orientation, home search, settling in, corporate services and departure assistance. Kirchenweg 4, 8024 Zurich.
Apartments, houses, offices and commercial property for sale or rent, with direct contact possible. Internet search engine.
Ziegler Immobilien AG
Providing real estate services. Schuetzenstrasse 1, 8800 Thalwil.
Online site provides information of residential, holiday and commercial properties. Brings property suppliers and property seekers together on one site.
Markstein AG - Zurich
Search properties for office, commercial and industrial purposes. Bellerive Strasse 55, 8034 Zurich.
Colliers International Zurich AG
Offers real estate solutions. Klausstrasse 20, 8034 Zurich
Kuoni Mueller & Partners
Consultants on all aspects of real estate such as sale or rent, re-use project, property valuation, portfolio management or commercial property market analysis. Schweizergasse 21,8001 Zurich.
Sgier & Partner
Assistance with the legal and technical difficulties expatriates face when planning to work and reside in Switzerland. Permits, labour law and relocation paperwork translation offered. Gartenstrasse 36, 8002 Zurich.
Pabs AG
Rental service for private apartments. Grundstrasse 24, 8048 Zurich.
Guggach AG
Specialise in furnished and unfurnished rental properties. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00. Hofwiesenstrasse 135, 8057 Zurich.