Psychologists & Psychotherapists: Basel

Peter Gasser
Psychological counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, individual, couple and family therapy, trauma and child therapies, supervision of consultants and teachers and coaching of leaders. Speaks English, French and German. At 90 Steinbuhlweg, 4123 Allschwil.
English speaking qualified and experienced psychotherapist offers singing bowl therapy and communication, trauma therapy and shamanic counseling, herbal medicine and holistic alternative healing methods. At Froburgstrasse 24, 4052 Basel.
Marina Poppinger
Provides psychotherapy and psychological counselling, individual and couples counselling, treatment of depression, burnout, anxiety disorders, trauma, personality issues, sleeping disorders, grief and loss. At Austrasse 101, 4051 Basel.
KUMU Psychological Services
Providing professional services to English-speaking families and individuals based in Basel area in ADHD assessments, psychotherapy and adjustment problems. At Marschalkenstrasse 35, 4054 Basel.
Petra Hampel
Psychological counselling for insomnia, concentration problems, eating disorders and forgetfulness and transcendental meditation for improved concentration, memory, creativity, spontaneity and the ability to communicate. At 49 Petersgraben, 4051 Basel.
Reha City Basel
Medical centre with branches in Zug, Basel, Zurich and Winterthur offers physical therapy, psychological counseling, ergotherapy, rehabilitation, Chinese medicine and more. At 20 Centralbahnstrasse, Gesundheitszentrum RailCity, 4051 Basel.
Basel Therapy
UK therapist/counsellor with MSc Psychological Counseling. Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy located in central Basel city. At 42 Holbeinstrasse, 4051 Basel.
Eva Oesterlein
Therapy for somatic experience, cranio-sacral therapy for babies, physiological treatment for traumatic experiences like illnesses, loss, natural disasters, abuse, panic, depression, insomnia, inability to bond or chronic pain. At 63 Leonhardsgraben, 4051...
Pascal Haller
Psychological counseling and psychotherapeutic treatments, couples therapy, group social skills training for identity problems, psychological problems, depression, addiction problems, crisis situations and more. At Hauptstrasse 122, 4102 Binningen.
Raum fuer Prozessarbeit - Stephan Muller
Psychotherapy, relationship building, conflict resolution, spirituality, meditation, creativity, coaching, communication for disorders, relationship difficulties, addictions, burnout, depression and anxiety. At 37 Therwilerstrasse, 4054 Basel.