Psychologists & Psychotherapists: Zurich

Markus Fäh
Psychologist and psychotherapist offering coaching, consultancy and couple therapy. 
Dr. Phil Stockli
Swiss certified psychotherapist offers, trauma and EMDR therapist. Offers adult individual and couple therapy. 
Sina Rees
Clinical psychologist for treatment of burnout, anxiety, depression, expat issues, with a focus on depth psychology. Therapy in English.
Ruth L. Formosa Ventura
Systemic psychotherapy, narrative therapy, gender and cultural-sensitive practice and migration issues. Couple and family therapy.
Nicole Zullig
English speaking psychotherapist, family therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner and EMDR-Trauma Therapy practitioner.
CG Jung Ambulatorium
Psychotherapy and Jungian analysis. Medical and psychotherapeutic services for adults, young people and children.
Claudia Haag
Psychologist and psychotherapist offers psychological counselling, coaching and supervision to adolescents, adults, couples and families.
Richard Korbel
Psychotherapy, neuro psychology, psycho-oncological therapy, individual and adult therapy.
Sinead Botterill
English speaking psychologist specialised in working with people having learning and developmental disabilities and their families. 
Stillpoint Spaces Zurich
Stillpoint Spaces is a new type of counselling space offering a different way to engage with a psychoanalyst, counsellor, or therapist.
California Counseling
Anette Kettenbach, English and German speaking psychologist, offers psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 
Jungian Analysis & Counseling
Counselling and therapy for anxiety, depression, meaninglessness and hopelessness.
English Counseling Switzerland
English and Spanish speaking psychologist offering counselling for individuals and couples. 
Praxis am Zeughaus
Multi lingual psychotherapist and psychiatrist practice. English, Italian, German, Dutch and French spoken.
Systemic Therapy
Amaryllis Kontostavlaki offers online and in-person systemic psychotherapy and counselling in English and Greek.
Andrew Fellows
Classical Jungian Analyst, native English speaker. Special interest in mid-life problems, dream interpretation and Yi Jing. 
Dennis Gyurina
Swiss certified psychotherapist, trauma and EMDR therapist, offers adult individual and couple therapy. German and English spoken.
Mr. Pascal Wohlgemuth
Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Sessions by appointment only. 
Centre for treatment of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders. 
Psychotherapy practice offering treatments for a range of disorders including depression, burnout, trauma, insomnia, ADHD and addiction.
Dr. Philip Kime
Psychotherapist and Jungian psychoanalyst working with individuals and couples addressing depression, anxiety and stress. 
Martina Famos
Counselling for depression, mood swings, family problems, marriage issues, difficulties at work, anxiety and life crisis. English, German and Spanish spoken.
Doris Kursteiner
English, French and Spanish speaking psychologist and psychotherapist offers counselling and therapy for individuals, families and couples.