Removals, Transport & Storage: Berne

Auris Relocation AG - Bern
Advice and support on relocation service. Wankdorffeldstrasse 102, 3000 Bern.
Swiss Transport GmBH
Offer removal, storage and transportation services. Hochfeldstrasse 7, 3012 Bern.
Braegger & Thomann - Bern
Secure packaging, clearing out, shifting, reassembling and setting up. Freiburgstrasse 251, 3018 Bern.
Welti-Furrer AG - Bern
Private move, storage and transport. Stauffacherstrasse 130, 3014 Bern.
Morand Transporte AG
Removals, transportation and storage facilities. Oberdorfstrasse 47, 3053 Muenchenbuchsee.
Provide storage facilities. Ziegelackerstrasse 10, 3027 Bern.
Rod & Partners Removals GmbH
Household removals and storage. Holligenstrasse 121, 3000 Bern.
Packimpex AG - Bern
Provide moving services. Brunnmattstrasse 5, 3174 Thoerishaus.
Peyer Bern
Private removals, transportation and business removals. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:00-18:00 and Saturday 7:00-11:45. Wangenstrasse 102, 3018 Bern.
Planzer Transport AG - Bern
Storage and transport services. Murtenstrasse 85, 3008 Bern.
Planzer Transport AG - Kallnach
Offer transport and storage services. Bruehlgasse 7, 3283 Kallnach.
IKB Integrale Kommunikations- Beratung AG
Available relocation services. Zieglerstrasse 30, 3007 Bern.
Kipfer Fritz AG
Services including removals, transportation and storage. Statthalterstrasse 101, 3018 Bern.
Kehrli + Oeler Ltd. - Bern
Provide relocation services. Weyermannsstrasse 10, 3001 Bern.
Zebrabox Ministorage AG
Removals and furniture storage. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 and Saturday 9:00-12:00. Eigerstrasse 82, 3007 Bern.
Belsped Espace Logistics GmbH
Offers international transportation services. Weyermannsstrassw 10, 3008 Bern.
Christ Umzuege GmbH
Removals, transport and storage services. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:30. Murtenstrasse 85, 3000 Bern.
Dysli K. AG
Travel agency and transport company that offers storage facilities, furniture transports and organises transports for business or private events. Owns a variety of coaches and trucks. Looslistrasse 25, 3027 Bern.
Keller Swiss Group - Bern
Removals and relocation. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:30-17:00. Stauffacherstrasse 66a, 3001 Bern.
Welti-Furrer AG - Bern
Moving and transport company offers private and corporate moves, both locally and internationally. Offices in 10 cities across Switzerland. Also offers fine art transport and storage and company removal services. At 130 Stauffacherstrasse, 3014 Bern.