Rental Agents: Zurich

Apartments Swiss Star
All apartments offer modern furnishings, functional equipment, practical kitchens(glass-ceramic cook top, dishwasher, combined microwave/convection oven, refrigerator, cookware, tableware) and bathrooms. Obstgartenstrasse 24, 8302 Kloten.
Quadriga Immobilien AG
Rental property. Rennweg 6, 8001 Zurich.
Wuest und Wuest AG - Zurich
Provide services of purchasing and renting residential properties. Seestrasse 221, 8700 Kuesnacht.
AAS Apartment Service AG
Provides rental of serviced apartments in the city of Zurich.Bremgartnerstrasse 31, 8003 Zurich.
Immoveris Zurich
Provide services in real estate management including rental services. Seefeldstrasse 60, 8034 Zurich.
Engel & Voelkers - Zurich
Rent house, apartment, shop and office space. Bederstrasse 49, 8002 Zurich.
Moessinger Immobilien
Real estate agency that sells and buys properties, supports construction work and rentals. Grenzweg 1, 3097 Liebefeld.
Walde & Partner Immobilien AG - Zurich
Offer a range of rental properties. Opening hours: 8:00-12:00 and 13:15-17:30. Alte Landstrasse 107, 8702 Zollikon.
Urban Group GmbH
Apartment, holiday home and commercial property to rent. Ottenweg 11, 8008 Zurich.
PSP Management Ltd
Rental property. Brandschenkestrasse 152a, 8027 Zurich.
Rental homes. Konradstrasse 12, 8005 Zurich.
Apartments and flats to rent for one to six persons with shower/toilet and kitchen facility. Length of the stay is from one night up to 12 weeks.Cramerstrasse(opposite Bezirksgebaeude), 8004 Zurich.
Vision Appartments
Furnished apartments to rent from one month on ward, range from business to exclusive. Offering varying sizes and types, all apartments are centrally located in Zurich and Lausanne. Birmensdorferstrasse 5, 8004 Zurich.
Spiegel Wagner Partners Ltd - Zurich
Real estate company offering purchasing, selling and rental services. Stampfenbachstrasse 48, 8055 Zurich.
Livit AG - Zurich
Rental apartments and commercial spaces. Altstetterstrasse 124, 8048 Zurich.
City Appartements AG
Serviced apartments in the Zurich area for stays of longer than one week. Fully furnished with modern standards, Internet and telephone access. Serviced apartments available at prices more economical than hotel lodging. At Friesstrasse 31, 8050 Zurich.
Guggach AG
Specialise in rental properties. Including commercial properties. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-18:00. Hofwiesenstrasse 135, 8057 Zurich.
EMA House
An all-suite hotel in the city of Zurich. Fully equipped and serviced for short or long-term stays. Four locations to choose from. Head office at Nordstrasse 1, 8006 Zurich.
Furnished apartments UMS - Temporary Housing Switzerland
Switzerlands No. 1 for furnished apartments and houses. You will find a large variety of furnished spaces available for a rental period of 1 month up to 2 years. Visit and find the perfect temporary home quickly and at less expense.
Nova Residence
Appartementhotel that is ideal for business people and families, located in the heart of Zurich. Underground parking, separate laundry room with washing machines and a dryer. Office is open Monday to Saturday 08:00-17:00. Bienenstrasse 7, 8004 Zurich.
Specialising in buying and selling real estate, renting and leasing apartments and houses. Assist in relocation and property management in all of Switzerland. Schleifetobelweg 3, 8810 Horgen.
HRS Real Estate AG - Zurich
Providing purchase and rental services. Siewerdtstrasse 8, 8050 Zurich.
Real estate consulting on rental or sales issues of residential and commercial properties. Kuoni Mueller & Partners, Schweizergasse 21, 8001 Zurich.
Kornhaus Verwaltungs AG
Flats and commercial spaces to rent in the city and agglomeration of Zurich and Switzerland. Phone lines open Monday-Friday from 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:30. At Okenstrasse 6, 8037 Zurich.
Real estate portal for rental flats, with affordable flats in cities Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Basel. Any individual can bid for flat ads from home and also advertise current flat for free. At Luisenstrasse 17, 8005 Zurich.
Homegate Ltd.
Rent apartment, house, chalet, rustico, parking place and garage.Werdstrasse 21, 8004 Zurich.
Walde & Partner Immobilien AG - Uster
Sales, purchase and rental services. Zentralstrasse 25, 8610 Uster.
Walde & Partner Immobilien AG
Provides sales and rental services. Seefeldstrasse 60, 8008 Zurich.
A hotel with apartments that may be rented for short or long periods of time on weekly or monthly basis. Fully equipped. At Karlstrasse 5 3, 8008 Zurich.
Intercity - Zurich
Apartments for rent, home ownership and investment properties. Zollikerstrasse 141, 8008 Zurich.
Walde & Partner Immobilien AG - Thalwil
Sales and rental services. Alte Landstrasse 131, 8800 Thalwil.
Betterhomes (Schweiz) AG
Provide rental properties. Flurstrasse 30, 8048 Zurich.