Secretarial & Admin Services: Basel

Regus - Basel
Provide office services. Innere Margarethenstrasse 5, 4051 Basel.
Buero Script
Administrative work. Naefelserstrasse 25, 4055 Basel.
Your Backoffice
Office organization, secretarial services and administration services. Oberer Rheinweg 31, 4058 Basel.
Yvonnes Entlastungsbuero
Administrative, accounting and organizational services. Langaeckerliweg 5, 4463 Buus.
IDS Ihre Dezentrale Sekretarin Daniela Stuckert
Secretarial services, operations back-up, organizational services and admin services. Riehenstrasse 44, 4058 Basel.
BANDO Advisory Partners AG
Company administration, accounting and salary administration and family office services for private individuals. Lange Gasse 90, 4052 Basel.
ATAG Private & Corporate Services AG
Business administration services. St. Jakobs-Strasse 17, 4052 Basel.
PEN OFFICE Anne Haegeli
Organize office structure and setting up accounting system. Stallenmattstrasse 10, 4104 Oberwil.
ACF Ferati Treuhand
Providing administration services. Kannenfeldstrasse 12, 4056 Basel.
Cobra 1 - Service Center GmbH
Secretarial services. Steinengraben 14, 4051 Basel.
Rotstift AG - Basel
Specialize in correcting advertising and publications. Steinenring 60, 4051 Basel.
OBC Suisse AG - Basel
Secretarial services and phone answering. Aeschenvorstadt 71, 4051 Basel.
CLS Communication AG - Basel
Offers translation, writing and editing services. Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel.
Business Service Pool
Company secretarial services. Birsigstrasse 2, 4054 Basel.
Your Assistant
Administrative work and back office services. Sandweg 40, 4123 Allschwil.
ASB Services Basel
Provide strategic and organisational consulting services. Aeschenvorstadt 57, 4051 Basel.