Secretarial & Admin Services: Zurich

Eversheds Ltd - Zurich
Offers corporate secretarial services. Stadelhoferstrasse 22, 8001 Zurich
ESPAS - Winterthur
Commercial services and telephone services. Pflanzschulstrasse 17, 8411 Winterthur.
FO Trust AG
Handling all administrative work, selecting and coordinating with advisers. Faerberstrasse 6, 8008 Zurich.
Catherine De Peri
Offers a wide range of services in secretarial work. Ruetihofstrasse 25, 8049 Zurich.
Intertrust - Zurich
Corporate secretarial services. Limmatquai 72, 8001 Zurich.
CLS Communication AG - Zurich
Translating, editing and writing services. Saegereistrasse 33, 8152 Glattbrugg.
OBC Suisse AG - Thurgauerstrasse
Secretarial services, phone answering and interpreter service. Thurgauerstrasse 40, 8050 Zurich.
Office Plus Gysel+Zumbuehl GmbH
Secretarial services and office services. Alte Landstrasse 81, 8803 Rueschlikon.
BSZ Business Service Zurich
Office management and answering services. Stampfenbachstrasse 48, 8035 Zurich.
CW Teleoffice
Secretarial services and telephone support. Forchstrasse 91, 8132 Egg bei Zurich.
Pfister & Partner
Advising, assisting and supporting companies and private individuals. Bahnhofstrasse 110, 8001 Zurich.
Juris Treuhand AG - Zurich
Administrative services, accounting services, auditing services and legal advise. Rennweg 32, 8001 Zurich.
Offers administrative and secretarial work. Maertplatz 5, 8307 Effretikon.
Moore Stephens Zurich AG
Administrative support services. Europastrasse 18, 8152 Glattbrugg, Zurich.
ESPAS - Richterswil
Telephone services and administration services. Erlenstrasse 89, 8805 Richterswil.
Businesspoint GmbH
Secretarial services, personal telephone answering services and translation services. Industriepark 11, 8610 Uster.
Premium Business Center Paradeplatz
Offer office services, phone services, mail services and translation services. Bahnhofstrasse 26, Paradeplatz, 8001 Zurich.
Text Control AG
Proofreading, copy editing, copy writing and translation. Opening hours: 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:30. Im Struppen 11, 8048 Zurich.
Christina Vassalli
Secretarial services and telephone Services. Zollikerstrasse 153, 8008 Zurich.
Regus - Zurich
Answering service and secretarial services office services. Leutschenbachstrasse 95, 8050 Zurich.
Pleasantly Organised
Provides secretarial services for businesses, CEOs and private persons. Baugartenstrasse 11, 8634 Hombrechtikon.
Writing for individuals and for companies. Schornaeglenstrasse 50, 8623 Wetzikon.
Temmes Management Services
Provide corporate administration services. Kohlrainstrasse 8, 8700 Kuesnacht.
ESPAS - Zurich
Commercial services and telephone services. Naglerwiesenstrasse 4, 8049 Zurich.
JanineJordi Office Management
Office management support for small and medium enterprises. Schinenbuelstrasse 3a, 8303 Baltenswil.
OBC Suisse AG - Europaallee
Secretarial services, phone answering and interpreter service. Europaallee 41, 8021 Zurich.
Swiss Reliance AG
Offers a wide range of administrative services. Gartenstrasse 11, 8002 Zurich.
Brehm Office Support
Provides administrative and organisational assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises. Stodolastrasse 22, 8053 Zurich.
OBC Suisse AG - Zurich
Secretarial services, phone answering and interpreter service. Opening hours: 8:00-18:00. Bahnhofstrasse 52, 8001 Zurich.
Administrative Dienstleistungen
Administrative services and secretarial work to private or small individual farms. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-19:00. Wattstrasse 20, 8307 Effretikon.