Yoga & Pilates: Basel

City Gesundheits- und Trainingszentrum
Pilates, a full body workout lesson. Rebgasse 20, 4058 Basel.
Devin Yoga
Personalised yoga session with therapeutic yoga and yoga massage. Spalenring 136, 4055 Basel
Body & Mind Care AG
Power yoga lessons for all ages, individual pilates lessons, group lessons and fitness training. Rittergasse 35, 4051 Basel.
Aktiv Wellness
Yoga and wellness studio with various courses of the different yoga styles, workshops and yoga holiday camps. English spoken. Hirschgaesslein 44 / Eckhaus, Hermann-Kinkelinstrasse 11 / Studio entry, 4051 Basel.
Lotos Yoga Basel
Yoga training and education with yoga classes. Rutimeyerstrasse 40, 4054 Basel
Niyama Yoga & Pilates
Yoga, pilates, health counselling and psychological counselling. Falknerstrasse 35, 4001 Basel.
B.Yoga Basel
Yoga classes in English. Hutgasse 1, 4001 Basel.
Bikram Hot Yoga Basel AG
Yoga exercise in a heated room of 40 degrees Celsius. Pfluggasslein 1, 4051 Basel
Astanga Yoga Academy
Yoga classes for every level. Hatha yoga and spirituality, kriya yoga, yoga for older people and purna yoga. Kohlenberggasse 21, 4051 Basel.
Intelligent Fitness
Pilates class and power Pilates class, relaxing massage, pilates workshops and healthy diets and more by a trained instructor. Located at Hochstrasse 80, 4053 Basel.
Akos Regula
Physiotherapy and Pilates training for age 65 plus, Kundalini Yoga, personal training and group classes. Located at Spalentorweg 11, 4051 Basel.
Elisabeth Moser
Variety of courses in yoga, pilates, dance and gymnastics. St. Johanns-Vorstadt 70, 4056 Basel.
Bodyzone Cosmetics & Spa
Yoga classes with professional and individual training. Include lunch yoga, morning dew yoga and hatha yoga. Gerbergasse 42, 4001 Basel.
Die Insel
Fitness center in Basel offers gymnastics, yoga, pilates classes, physiotherapy, messages for individuals as well as group training. Located at 53 Leonhardsstrasse, 4051 Basel.
Pilates Athletica
Pilates, zumba, kids pilates, kids dance power, pilates for beginners as well as higher levels. Also for all age groups. Located at Fichtenhagstrasse 4, 4132 Muttenz.
Pilates training, postnatal exercises and other courses in fitness and relaxation. Saengergasse19, 4054 Basel.
Yoga Mit Zoe
Practice of hatha yoga, surya namaskar, kriyas and samdhia. Delsbergerallee 72, 4053 Basel
Corpo, Tanz & Bewegung
Provide various courses including yoga, pilates and yoga pilates. Efringerstrasse 14, 4058 Basel.
Kalasri Schule Fuer Indischen Tanz And Yoga
School of yoga and Indian dance classes. Freiestrasse 3, 4001 Basel.
Studio Spirit
Private training and group lessons for yoga and pilates at different levels. Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel.
Irene Rossler
Individual yoga classes and yoga courses for groups. Gotthardstrasse 101, 4054 Basel.
Focus Physiotherapy and Pilates
Provide pilates introductory session, training in group and individual training. St. Johanns-Vorstadt 14, 4056 Basel.
Bethsabe GmbH
Bethsabe offers hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga, natal yoga, yoga for children and gentle yoga. Baslerstrasse 8, 4103 Bottmingen.
Pilates and yoga classes. Bachlettenstrasse 39, 4054 Basel.
INDIGO Fitness Club Basel
Pilates, yoga, work out, muscle pump and zumba. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 6:30-22:00 and Saturday to Sunday 9:00-17:00. Sternengasse 19, 4051 Basel.