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Just wonder about the process of converting foreign driving licence in Switzerland !?!  Any additional documents that are required?  

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Hi guys, I'm coming from Norway for a one-year program and since I'll be travelling back and forth a lot to school, I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle. I'm licensed in Norway. I was wondering if anyone could help me clarify what the typical buying process of a used motorcycle is in Switzerland? Here typically, you would find and pay for the bike, then it needs to pass a safety before you can plate it (this can involve having it brought to a mechanic) and then it needs to be insured before finally you can legally drive it. This process tends to involve a lot of either getting friends with a truck to help you move the bike or renting a trailer. Is it similar in Zurich? or is there a window where you can you ride it home once you've bought it and then go through the insurance process? Thanks!  

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1399054847 · posted: 1399054847

My dissertation supervisor is visiting Switzerland next week and is keen to try driving one of the very few electric vehicles around. Does anyone know if they are rented out?

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1394064886 · posted: 1394064886

If you do the theory test to convert your license and you fail can you still drive if you have been here less than a year?

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1393857716 · posted: 1393255916

I need a car for one year do not want to spend a lot of money does someone have a solution. looking for used economy type. Thanks!

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Hello! I have a 2003 mini cooper and it suddenly started making a weird noise, I took it to a garage and they said the head gasket had gone, but I don't think it has, theres no residue around the oil cap, no white smoke out of the exhaust and i didnt lose power, it was just making a dodgy noise. Any constructive and useful advice would be appreciated, I've had more than enough experience to know that the 2001-2003 mini coopers are not the best.. I am thinking of taking it to another for a second opinion but would obviously rather give it a shot myself if its something simple, alternatively if anybody has any diagnostic equipment i could rent that would be a good shout too. Thanks!

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If anyone has a UK or Spanish plated car they want to sell please let me know as i am a traveling musician and being based in Spain have the opportunity to drive and insure this type of vehicle.  I'm looking for a small car because i do a lot of traveling and I don't care to spend a lot of money on a fancy car but would prefer a working man's auto.  Tony

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Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on cars. We drive a toyota picnic now, which I love, and is a perfect size for our family of 5, including one carseat. We will soon be adding another carseat, however, which will make things a bit tight, especially when we have an extra passenger. The back storage is also quite limited as it's very narrow. So we are considering getting something larger, but don't want anything too bulky or difficult to maneuver in all the tight parking garages. Any suggestions/experiences would be much appreciated, particulary with regard to: most functional use of space (this is what I love most about the picnic); bench seats vs. bucket seats with two car seats; large enough back to fit either two strollers or a double stroller; gas consumption. Thanks so much!!

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Is there any shop that sells recumbent bikes and trikes in Zurich??? Thanks in advanced

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Does anyone have any recommendations for car rental agencies in Basel? Looking to hire a car for a weekend away and apparently Basel is cheaper than Zurich - does this still hold?

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1379453251 · posted: 1379453251

Hello! I have moved to Zurich and wondering if a Driver's license from Norway is recognised here in Switzerland to just drive (not rent or buy a car)? I do not have a International Drivers Permit. Thanks!  

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When it comes of cheap car insurance,what do you people recommend? Thanks in advanced!

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Hi, I'm an amateur cyclist eager to explore the Swiss stunning landscapes on bike. Which are the mountain- biking routes here????? Is there any group of amateur cyclists I shall join in Zurich? All the best, Yves

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My bike needs to be fixed! I've got a constant, though fairly quiet, chain noise. Is there anyone around willing to help me fix it? Thank you!!!

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1367875874 · posted: 1367268293

Hello, I'm interested in buying a second-hand bike!!! Are there any second-hand bikes store in Zurich or around Zurich??????????

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Hi everyone. Hope someone can help. We are flying into Zurich from Dublin in June and we were wondering if anyone knows how we would get to Delemont by way of the train ? Is there a direct train or do we need to change somewhere ? and roughly how much would this journey cost ? Thanks a lot and looking forward to coming to Switzerland.

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Good afternoon, My name is Evelyn, never taken driving lessons before and therefore I'm not sure how everything works. Which are the best driving schools around? I'm seeking for a professional instructor who is able to make me feel comfortable and confident.  I'm a quick and enthusiastic learner! Many thanks, Evelyn  

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2003, 162'000 km, silver, has had always been to an Audi garage, reason for sale need a bigger car! monap.s. body has a few dents and scratches, about 2'000 to have done.

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1309994452 · posted: 1309682270

Looking to purchase an Audi A4 or 6 quattro with less that about 50'000 km. Steve

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Hi, I am driving from Spain to Zurich in December, I have a Chevrolet Captiva 4x4, do I have to change the tyres or fit/carry snow chains. We are not skiing, just hanging around the city and local areas. Thanks Guys.

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