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Looking to purchase an Audi A4 or 6 quattro with less that about 50'000 km. Steve

started by: paulandrew-178857 · last update: 1309425822 · posted: 1305749274

Hi, I am driving from Spain to Zurich in December, I have a Chevrolet Captiva 4x4, do I have to change the tyres or fit/carry snow chains. We are not skiing, just hanging around the city and local areas. Thanks Guys.

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1304670446 · posted: 1304670446

We are looking for a small convertible for the summer as a second car. I heard about the licence plates that are interchangeable when you own 2 cars. How exactly does that work?many thanksdenis

started by: hans-177104 · last update: 1302853434 · posted: 1302641613

Anyone got a mountain bike kicking around to sell cheaP hans

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1301402875 · posted: 1298902407

Hi Can anyone tell me how long a US citizen can drive in Switzerland with their US license? (before having to go for a Swiss one?)thanksDenis

started by: blw-177851 · last update: 1297033440 · posted: 1296635804

I am catching a VERY early flight, and have to be at the airport by 06:15 on Monday morning. Is there any chance anyone else is going form Lucerne to Zurich at that time? blw

started by: CarmelaR · last update: 1296635673 · posted: 1296056784

I am looking for transportation for 7 people landing in Zurich Monday Feb 13th in the afternoon to Lucerne. Back again on the 15 to catch an afternoon flight. 7 people with handluggage only.ThanksCarmelaR

started by: ellen-178634 · last update: 1295524047 · posted: 1295266068

I have lived in Switzerland for some time now and am looking at getting a motorbike licence - does anybody knows what that involves / what is the procedure / costs etc. Thanks in advance for any advice!

started by: cookies-177595 · last update: 1295083343 · posted: 1294954242

There is a green sticker on the side of my car (and all cars, really) with a date and month clicked out. Can someone tell me what the means please? Do I have to get something fixed or checked or is somethingdue on that month?Thankscookies

started by: newgirlintown-177198 · last update: 1294436618 · posted: 1292878597

I know of course it is safer, but is it the law to have winter tires on cars in the winter months? newgirlintown

started by: canuk-177931 · last update: 1294253138 · posted: 1294091321

Friends and I have been having a discussion about turning right on a red light. My girlfriend says that you Can - and I am convinced that it is not allowed in Switzerland. Who's right? (say me)?!Canuk

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1289494148 · posted: 1284403895

I just posted that I am looking for a scooter, but would at the same time like to know if I need a licence of some kind for this.Thanksmg

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1288966889 · posted: 1288009718

Is there some kind of law agains driving bicycles in the winter weather. A cyclist fell off of his bike today (of course because the roads are snow covered). I nearly hit him! I can't believe that they are driving in this winter weather. Is there some sort of law against it?Lea

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1283442247 · posted: 1281378150

Are there good parking possibilities in Bern city if I bring my bike there with the train and want to do some riding and shopping?Would appreciate your comments.Judy

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1282290155 · posted: 1279389580

My friends are coming from Canada to visit in August and their son is 17. Can he drive in Switezrland with his learner's permit?If anyone knows I would appreciate your comments,judy

started by: Mona-177665 · last update: 1281466545 · posted: 1281263488

Hello All I haven't been able to figure out what the blue lines are marked on the road where we can park. Can someone give me a head's up please?Much appreciated, Mona

started by: carol-178102 · last update: 1281081321 · posted: 1279375135

I was wondering how parking is the the cities in Switzerland. I plan to visit Basel and Zurich and Lucerne, but am worried about getting around the city and having to pay lots to park. Would the train be easier? Thanks for your comments.Carol

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1280575284 · posted: 1278744140

We will be moving Cantons end of September, does anyone someone tell me what I have to be prepared for when doing this?ThanksDenis

started by: barb-177084 · last update: 1279230426 · posted: 1278883845

Does anyone have any experience with buying a car "over the border" in Germany or France. The prices seem pretty cheap compared to Swiss ones Barb

started by: aaronpearce · last update: 1278762106 · posted: 1276514904

Hello all,I am importing a 20' container with household effects and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle from New Zealand in August.I have been trawling the many government sites and have not found the procedure for importing a motorcycle or more importantly have not found the requirements are for the MFK, or Compliance Certificate for such a beast.. Noise Emissions being my main concern :)If anyone out there in Züri Anglo land have performed this un-enviable task then I would be greatful if you could share your wisdom.Many ThanksAaron

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