started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1275898407 · posted: 1270480392

I have a friend visiting soon, and he is in a wheelchair. Any comments on how travelling is in Switzerland, as well as restaurants etc. Is this a big problem? Thanks Judy

started by: Aussie-177827 · last update: 1274039970 · posted: 1273225875

My son turned 17 in January. Does anybody have experience how many months before the 18th birthday the kids should start with the drivig licence?

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1273166432 · posted: 1272716345

I am looking to buy a used car, and wondering about where to start looking. Do garages ususally have Websites with the vehicles listed to sell?Steve

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1273078162 · posted: 1272825520

I was wondering if I need a licence to drive a 125 motorcycle or if I need a special licence. Anyone out there know the answer?Steve

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1272020666 · posted: 1270837593

I am wondering about importing a car that I found for a good price over the border in Germany. Does anyone have any information about that for me?thanks for your helpsheilab

started by: iliketojog · last update: 1271152286 · posted: 1271018978

Selling scooter, 1999, 2300 km.

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1270229965 · posted: 1269794423

Can anyone tell me how the best way is to get from the Airport in Basel to the train station in the city.Friends fly in end of April and I would like to get the organised beforehand.ThanksLea

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1269055693 · posted: 1269023747

I would like some information about importing my car to Switzerland in the summertime. Can someone tell me please about the formalities of doing this?Thanks to allDenis

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1269023364 · posted: 1249629919

Just thought I would tell people who don't know that you need at sticker if driving a bike in Switzerland, They call it a "vignette", I didn't have on but our friendly neighbourhood gave me a warning and told me to go and buy one. Cheers

started by: justwondering · last update: 1268350668 · posted: 1268350668

Can someone tell me the process of importing a car to Switzerland? We have to figure out if it is worth it to do so.Thanksjustwondering

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1267745782 · posted: 1267745782

I was wondering about buying a used car in Switzerland when we move over. Are there any special road tests that have to be done before a car may be sold. Does it get certified or pass a test before. Thanks for your input. Steve

started by: sheila-177240 · last update: 1267542800 · posted: 1266743913

is renting a car a good thing to do while visiting Switzerland? I only travel by train, but have visitors coming in the summer, and not sure if they should rent or travel SBB. Sheila

started by: skiier · last update: 1265535228 · posted: 1265535228

A friend is coming to visit me in Switzerland, is he able to drive my car here? Skiier

started by: iliketojog · last update: 1265017688 · posted: 1263194269

Can someone tell me what I should suggest to friends to get from the airport to to city of Lucerne where I am meeting them? Thanks

started by: fordforever · last update: 1263913922 · posted: 1259229306

Just wondering about the car stickers that we will need for our cars next year to drive on the highway. Where can we buy them and what do they cost? As of February we will be purchasing a car, and I see them on all vehicles. Thanks fordforever

started by: fordforever · last update: 1263060931 · posted: 1262896147

I have a question. Is it possible to hire a rental car in Switzerland and give it back at another place? E.g. pick it up at the airport and leave it at the ski resort St.Moritz?

started by: swissfan · last update: 1258326978 · posted: 1257370583

Was just wondering about my US driver's licence and how long I can use it while in Switzerland, is there a limit? Swissfan

started by: betelgeuse-177149 · last update: 1249289799 · posted: 1243356095

Someone tod me that the Swiss have priorité a droit. I thought that was a French thing! Is it true, though? Thanks in advance!

started by: swissfan · last update: 1247558872 · posted: 1244840404

Will be vacationing in Switzerland in August and would like to rent locally, not necessarily with our travel agent. Any suggestions? Thanks

started by: newgirlintown-177198 · last update: 1247479613 · posted: 1247387186

I don't have an International driver's licence, but my boyfriend does. If he buys a car, can I also drive it and will I be insured? Thanks

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