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Heya, I just moved to Zurich a couple weeks ago from Ireland (im English tho) and all my stuff arrives this weekend! horrah! So i'm putting the feelers out to see if there are any musicians looking for other band members e.t.c. I have no idea how people do it here, eager to find out!Ive been in a gigging band for the last couple years, and im just looking to see who's out there e.t.c.Im easy going, quite happy to just have a play around every week or whatnot.. rock,pop,country, whatever idea where practice rooms are or anything like that tho, so might be good to join people already out there doing stuffI play keys, guitar,bass and I can sing, although i prefer to do harmonies..   Thanks


Claire01-888846 1446666405


 I've been playing guitar for many years now, and perform occasionally around town. I'm currently looking for a singer, guitarist and or percussionist to try out some music with. I'm interested in rock, pop, folk or blues, either electric or acoustic.


Get in touch if you're interested in trying something out. Cheers.

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