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Any suggestions of good movies to see in a quite boring evening?? Thanks.

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1414439864 · posted: 1412686364

I'm a keen amateur photographer and was involved with a number of different online and real-world clubs back in the UK. Does anyone know of any real-world photography clubs/events/meetups, expat or not, that they can recommend? Thank you!

started by: NeilD · last update: 1414149586 · posted: 1412882975

Hey All, Any idea where to get a dirndl in Zurich? Thanks!!!  

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1404851881 · posted: 1404851881

Will be dropping by St. Moritz  next few weeks for a vacation, so hope ladies and gents here recommend some nice club and pub to go for. Thx in advance and have a nice day ahead!

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1404847583 · posted: 1404847583

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any ballet schools that are RAD registered that have adult classes with the possibility of doing RAD exams and possible eventually going en pointe. I'm looking for one around the central area. Any suggestion? Thank you

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1404320873 · posted: 1404320873

Trying to reach out to the expats living in the east part of the city? It can get pretty lonesome if you don't know anyone around your area... Post down below and perhaps we can get together x

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1403877271 · posted: 1403877271

I'm working afternoon shifts. But don't feel like going home after finishing my job. What can I do after 10pm? Where can I go for a drink at that hour? Any good suggestions? Grazie!

started by: Claire01-888846 · last update: 1402689288 · posted: 1402689288

British and justed arrived! I will be working in Lucerne for a few years. I am curious to know if there are any English speaking people out there. I am also looking to learn Mandarin, would be nice to "trade language lessons" with Mandarin native speaker or finding someone interested in joining a Mandarin course! Cheers Claire

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Does anyone know how I can watch films streamed from the internet legally in Switzerland? Is there an equivalent to netflix? I don't mind paying a few francs to watch something.

started by: Mario-882221 · last update: 1402170477 · posted: 1402170477

Hi All! Any of the like-minded souls would like to explore classical music and play piano duets together? One thing I always long for when I'm back in my home is to sit right in front of my piano and just get lost in the sound of music..I was trained with classical music (Beethoven, Chopin and tchaikovsky are my fav composers) but sometimes I do get out of track with pop songs. Please pm me if you re also one enthusiastic piano player (but I don't have a piano in Zurich right now... Regards, Mario

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Hi, I would like to be able to do something exciting for physical fitness, ie Dancing!! I'm nearly 50, to the border of being called fat, and my balance is not so good either, but I dooo love to dance!!! Can anyone please recommend a dance school, club, or gym that has dance classes for adult dancer wannabes like me? Jazz, Hip hop, or Latin to have fun and get fit (again!). I would love to stay feeling young, lose a bit of flabs, and improve my balance!!! Many thanks!!!

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Hello Everyone, I was invited to an Expat Event/Party at the Club on 14th May, if you guys are available that night please do come over to enjoy the party and expand your social circle. Look forward to seeing you all! Text me 4 more details...

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Hi, anyone know any decent video games shops that i can buy the xbox one from? the little shops that i see wont get it until next year. Have yet to see any franchise style game shops here...  

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seize this opportunity to learn how coaching works and become better at helping yourself and others! Come on:  26th Februray, from 5.30 to 9.30 pm, Zentralstrasse 156, euforia office. In  only 4 nformative, practical, dynamic and fun hours, you'll learn: 1) how coaching works: what are the basic methods and how to we reach our objectives? 2) how to be empathic and have better relationships with people. 3) how to get more results in your life: what are the mechanisms behind my own results and what do I change in order to get beeter results? To enroll yourself or get more information:  karine@danielsanogueira.com

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Is there any place in Zurich where I can take my girlfriend slow or formal dancing? I don't mean like 80s ballads but rather jazz standards, big band or soul (e.g. Frank Sinatra, Etta James, etc).

started by: Yves2012 · last update: 1385123964 · posted: 1384946670

Hello there! I am looking for party planner companies for children/toddler parties that would not charge an arm and a leg ! Any recommendations would be appreciated.

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1384616108 · posted: 1384517398

Hi all, Decided to celebrate my boyfriend  birthday in dec. Looking for good recommendations on photography services? best for some photographers whom have good experience working exp and service. Thank you, Evy

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1380993449 · posted: 1380993449

I'll be moving Basel and NEED to play piano! It's a part of my life! However I don't want to buy one. Does anyone know of some good practice rooms in Basel?

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1380153747 · posted: 1380153747

Hi everyone, Have seen that, like me, there's a decent bunch of newly or recently arrived expat teachers to Zurich. I'm 29, from Norway, and set to start teaching in Zurich  from this semester. Love to explore Zurich and surrounds with a like-minded crew and could be brilliant for planning trips in the Alps for holidays if anyone's keen. Also kinda nice to debrief with people that share similar understandings of everyday work. If you're interested in either a weekly night out, day trip, movie, or quiet beer, post your email address on here and I'll organise the first gathering somewhere local within the next week or so. Cheers, Mark

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Hello Expats, Which is your favourite Jazz Music Club? I love jazz music. However, I do not know many clubs in Zurich.

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