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Hello, I'm organizing a short getaway to Venice Festival in February. So those who are eager to travel with me and my friends for this fairytale event can contact me as soon as possible. Also I'm intrested in knowing which is the most convenient travel agency in Zurich in order to arrange a great travelling package for our small group of travellers??? Thanks

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1357664691 · posted: 1357335947

Hello, Does anyone know a place in Zurich where I can rent a beautiful night dress? I have a wedding event soon and  I don't afford to buy a new dress at the moment. I thought  this would be a great option to look good without spending too much money....

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1355747704 · posted: 1355143441

Hi, I'm Evelyn a professional latin dancer and I'm looking for a professional latin dance partner located in Zurich as I want to attend a very important dance competition held in Switzerland. I need a good dancer that is at my level and who has been dancing in the past 4 years.

started by: Anna_M-882218 · last update: 1355328735 · posted: 1355241065

Hi, Can anyone advise me about which one is the best ski resort in the Alps? My cousins from Norway will come here soon and I intend to plan some days at ski. Thank youuuu.

started by: Evelyn17 · last update: 1355239494 · posted: 1355143859

Hi there, I intend to go for a 3 days weekend in Oslo and I was wondering if there are any persons interested in visiting the Northern capital? I hate travelling alone and therefore it would be great to find a new travel buddy. I want to schedule my short visit in Norway in February.

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I am an avid blog reader, can someone tell me where to find blogs on Switzerland? cookbook

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Anyone know how to find out where the ENglish version of Harry Potter will be playing in Switzerland? Thanksbarb

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Are there any clubs in basel for people who enjoy singing (socially!) CUsoon

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1300808007 · posted: 1300808007

Are there any english magazines for young families in Switzerland? I would be interesed in reading about bringing up kids here, schools, methods etc. thankssheilab

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Is it possible to visit the parliament buildings in Bern and a tourist? CUsoon

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Looking to rent a costume for the Fasnacht next week in Basel. Can anyone tell me where I can do this? iliketojog

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Wondering if all movies playing at the theaters are in English or with subtitles or how I know in advance. kram

started by: CUsoon-177736 · last update: 1294561757 · posted: 1282684681

Are there any English Theater productions going on the Central Switzerland? Thanks CU soon

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Looking for a Christmas market to go to on the weekend with visitors from France. Any favourites? iliketojog

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I saw a poster the other day that Jack and the Beanstock is coming to Basel, but can't remember where it is playing. Anyone else know? Mona

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Does anyone know a any hallowe'en parties going on anywhere the weekend of the 30th? hmw

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Has anyone been to Art International Zurich last year and know if it is worth going to? mg

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I heard that the musical grease will be starting some time soon in Switzerland. Can someone tell me where please?Thank you very much Lea

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Can someone please tell me when the Zurich Open Air weekend is? I thought it was now but can't seem to find information. ThanksLea

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In case you didn't know, the Street parade is TODAY!!! Have fun! Hope for sun! Jeny

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