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I heard that there are various expositions ad get togethers for expats in the Fall around Zurich and Lucerne, can someone tell me more? thanks Hans

started by: tumblebum · last update: 1281342203 · posted: 1279655720

Anyone interested in getting together to make a movie? We have the enthusiasm and the equipment, we just need the people!

started by: CUsoon-177736 · last update: 1279046710 · posted: 1278715466

I was wondering about the Blues Festival in Lucerne at the end of the month, the exact dates and who plays where-when. Can't seem to find iformation on it.CUsoon

started by: canuk-177931 · last update: 1278884375 · posted: 1276812729

Looking for WiFi areas in Zurich, can anyone tell me where around the train station I can find it?ThanksCanuk

started by: blitzbooth · last update: 1278024443 · posted: 1268144618

I am not sure if this is the right section for this discussion, but here goes. My long term girlfriend and I have decided to get married this coming summer. We are planning to hold the wedding here in Zurich.We were wondering if anyone out there knew of an good companies that specialized in wedding services? We are looking for florists, caterers, printers, dj and the like. Any advice would be welcome

started by: barb-177084 · last update: 1276442151 · posted: 1274302257

Does anyone know where I can buy helium to blow up about 150 balloons? Thanks Barb

started by: Aussie-177827 · last update: 1276009656 · posted: 1275908305

Can somebody recommend me what's the best way to get to the concert at Stade the Suisse tomorrow? Is it possible by car or are there too many people?

started by: blw-177851 · last update: 1275860251 · posted: 1274041137

Does anyone know if I can install an satellite dish on my balcony outside of my apartment, I don't see any others on the building at them moment... blw

started by: Clare-177942 · last update: 1275204303 · posted: 1274094159

Hi thereI just wanted to clarify the situation with respect to digital radio. My BBC World reception in Zürich on the analogue radio is exceptionally poor, so I was thinking of purchasing a digital radio. However there seems to be some conflicting information on the capacity to receive the BBC signal digitally:This page gives a digital frequency:http://zurich.angloinfo.com/information/70/emedia.aspThe BBC suggests it's not at all possible:http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/institutional/2009/03/000000_digitallistening.shtmlBut they also suggest it's a question of DRM v DAB:http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/institutional/2009/03/090313_whatisdigitalradio.shtmlI really don't know what the radios are here. Has anyone had any luck in actually listening to English-speaking digital radio in Zürich???Cheers,Clare.

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1274561688 · posted: 1274459650

If I take the train to Zurich, can someone tell me how to get to the Hallenstadium form the Hauptbahnhof? I am going to see Skydance on Sunday afternoon. Thanks mg

started by: Sami-177698 · last update: 1274348486 · posted: 1272535573

I recently followed a discussion about the TV serie 24 in this forum. So, I hope somebody can tell me, if there is a website where I can watch episodes of Dr. House? Season 6 is running on TV at the moment and I missed one last week :-( thanks for your help!

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1274194114 · posted: 1274109479

Does anyone know when the IPad is coming to Switzerland and if it is worth buying? Denis

started by: cookies-177595 · last update: 1274001874 · posted: 1271716760

Can anyone tell me how to find out the opening times of museums in Bern and Basel (other cities as well for that matter I guess. thanks cookies

started by: Martiki · last update: 1273336394 · posted: 1267807053

Hello I would be interested in going to English speaking plays or Theaters, preferably in Basel if there are any. Can someone suggest how I find them? Thank you very much martiki

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1272227461 · posted: 1271977036

I have friends visiting the week of May 1st. Any suggestions what to do and where to go in Basel?Denis

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1267394719 · posted: 1265984188

What do I have to do when I move into an apartment to get the TV and Telephone hooked up. Is internet included in monthly prices? Thanks Lea

started by: Sami-177698 · last update: 1266604847 · posted: 1265562117

Hello I am new here, and was in Lucerne last night and it was like Hallowe'en was in the town and more. People told me it's Fastnacht " I think you spell it without a T. It only starts on Thursday they said, so why the heck are they all dressed up already? Explanation please so I know when and where to party. I didn't event think of bring a costume with me, but maybe I should have!! Sami

started by: mg-177106 · last update: 1266603497 · posted: 1266505934

I heard that Mamamia musical was coming to Switzerland. Does anyone know where or when? mg

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1265705058 · posted: 1254779429

Are there any English theater performances in Zurich, or Zug that anyone can tell me about? thank you sheilab

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I was amazed to find that usual groceries are hard to find. Chocolate chips, cake mixes, velveeta cheese, clamato juice and more. Peanut butter I finally did find in a store, but not as good as Kraft or Jiffy. Is there a secret place for foreigners to find this stuff? WAs going to have stuff sent, but it is soooo expensive. Thanks for you input, newgirlintown.

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