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Your marriage will be put to the test when you and your spouse are trying desperately to start a family — your relationship will require even more effort and tender loving care.Even the most solid union may not survive the strain of lost intimacy, dealing with the shame and anguish associated with being infertile, as well as the steep financial burden of getting fertility treatment.Geraldine Tan, a principal psychologist at The Therapy Room, and Fiona Maher O’Sullivan, a couple’s counselor at In contact Counselling and Training Centre, advise on overcoming the following conflicts:Challenge #1: Coming to terms with how each party deals with fertility issuesWHAT? In general, men and women react very differently to emotional issues — women tend to prefer talking about an issue and finding a solution as a couple, while men may appear withdrawn. Noting that infertility brings a couple to a very vulnerable place in the relationship, O’Sullivan explains, “Often, when men appear to be emotionally distant (‘stonewalled’), research shows their heart activity is high, so they are emotionally affected, but can’t show this.” The term stonewalling refers to a listener when he withdraws from interacting, becomes unresponsive or evasive such as by tuning out or turning away.

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I am looking for my sister Shirley aged nearly 88 who used to live in Blumenweg 17 in Zurich but I think may have moved away but do not know where.  Can anyone help me.  I really want to try and find her as I miss her.  Marjorie

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Hi mummies!I will be organising a flea market for mummies to sell any preloved/new items, please drop me an email to indicate your interest in setting up a booth with us!Hope to hear from you!Tanja

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Dear Families My name is Dominika and I have over 7 years of experience working as a nanny in England. I took care of children from newborns to 10 years old  with different backgrounds and personalities. I love children and try my best to help them learn and grow in a positive way. That means a lot of games,homework help, singing, dancing,  listening, going outside, exploring the city (parks, activities, music, playdates, etc.). I always take my work and the wellbeing of the children seriously, keeping them safe and healthy. I am a responsible , hardworking , energetic and reliable person.I am looking for full time or part time position with at least 30 hours a week. I have excellent references and CRB check. Please feel free to contact me.  

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a playdate group/get together that I can bring my son to as I am new to Zurich and need to start introducing him to other kids his age.    

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good pre-schooler gymnastics school classes in Zurich. I have 2 daughters aged 2 and 4.

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Are there any activities just for mommies around? Thought maybe there is some group that meets on a weekly basis and share ideas about raising super duper lively children! What about starting a group like this?? Is there anyone interested? :D

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Hi mommies and daddies, I was wondering if someone could suggest what the best brand of healthcare products for kids is? Many thanks in advanced!  

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I have been approached two times now recently at the shopping centre by people who thinks my son is so cute and if I would not like to get in touch with them for modeling work for him. Well, I tried to look up the company names they were giving and feel a bit suspicous. Still... makes me start thinking. He is quite a charmer, especially if someone takes the camera out. Maybe I should give it a try? But are there any reputable companies out there? Where they don't try to make you pay a lot of money for a portofolio and that's the end of the story? And of course, who are interested in a very blond caucasian looking boy.

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My sister is a psychology teacher and she is interested in teaching IB psychology in Zurich. How popular is the IB program in Zurich? Would she will  have any trouble finding a job?

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HI All, I am new to this can you help I have a child with a mild intellectual disability and I am looking for the right school for her. Any suggestions? Thanks

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I am donating a laptop and large monitor so kids in small (poor) village in Philippines may watch films (movies). Is there a legal way of downloading movies so I may save onto the laptop and they can then play/watch? Kids 5-13 years of age. I am not a technophile. Only have basic M1 modem (very unstable/slow  

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Hey All, Christmas is coming and must confess I'm quite excited; thought that would be very nice to visit a Christmas Market but still don't know which one? I have to choose between Berne Christmas Market and Montreux...In your opinion which one is the best??? Many thanks in advanced!

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Any ideas of Christmas gifts for children aged between 5-8 years old??? Thanks in advance!

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What do you people think about Mustela products? Are the best skincare products for babies or no? What brands are you using?   Many thanks!

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I want to catch up with a few friends for lunch and I'm looking for a good, central lunch venue. One of us has a 2yo. I'd like to find somewhere that kid friendly, but still does nice lunch and serves wine. The wine is very important! Any recommendations?  

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I'm traveling soon and need someone to take care of my dog for 1 month. Any dog sitters available in Zurich? Good payment!   //

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My son has been having some behavioral issues in school lately, and I suppose at home too. It's usually be put down to typical pre-school boy behavior but in spite of any interventions so far, he's not improving. He has regular tantrums in school (throws chairs/tables, rips charts etc off walls), doesn't pay attention and doesn't play well with others and often hits/pushes his friends. I'm afraid we may need to see a specialist to find out if there are ways we can work on this at home, or if he needs to work with a professional. Does anyone have a Dr they can recommend who deals with this type of behavior in pre-school age children. Many thanks in advance.

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I have children (aged 2 ~ 8) and would like to know about any volunteering possibilities in Switzerland. Ideally, we'd like to volunteer as a family (with children) once a week, as a great way to give back to society. thank you! Yves

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