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I am looking for my sister Shirley aged nearly 88 who used to live in Blumenweg 17 in Zurich but I think may have moved away but do not know where.  Can anyone help me.  I really want to try and find her as I miss her.  Marjorie

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Hi mummies!I will be organising a flea market for mummies to sell any preloved/new items, please drop me an email to indicate your interest in setting up a booth with us!Hope to hear from you!Tanja

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Dear Families My name is Dominika and I have over 7 years of experience working as a nanny in England. I took care of children from newborns to 10 years old  with different backgrounds and personalities. I love children and try my best to help them learn and grow in a positive way. That means a lot of games,homework help, singing, dancing,  listening, going outside, exploring the city (parks, activities, music, playdates, etc.). I always take my work and the wellbeing of the children seriously, keeping them safe and healthy. I am a responsible , hardworking , energetic and reliable person.I am looking for full time or part time position with at least 30 hours a week. I have excellent references and CRB check. Please feel free to contact me.  

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a playdate group/get together that I can bring my son to as I am new to Zurich and need to start introducing him to other kids his age.    

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good pre-schooler gymnastics school classes in Zurich. I have 2 daughters aged 2 and 4.

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Are there any activities just for mommies around? Thought maybe there is some group that meets on a weekly basis and share ideas about raising super duper lively children! What about starting a group like this?? Is there anyone interested? :D

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Hi mommies and daddies, I was wondering if someone could suggest what the best brand of healthcare products for kids is? Many thanks in advanced!  

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I have been approached two times now recently at the shopping centre by people who thinks my son is so cute and if I would not like to get in touch with them for modeling work for him. Well, I tried to look up the company names they were giving and feel a bit suspicous. Still... makes me start thinking. He is quite a charmer, especially if someone takes the camera out. Maybe I should give it a try? But are there any reputable companies out there? Where they don't try to make you pay a lot of money for a portofolio and that's the end of the story? And of course, who are interested in a very blond caucasian looking boy.

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My sister is a psychology teacher and she is interested in teaching IB psychology in Zurich. How popular is the IB program in Zurich? Would she will  have any trouble finding a job?

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HI All, I am new to this can you help I have a child with a mild intellectual disability and I am looking for the right school for her. Any suggestions? Thanks

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I am donating a laptop and large monitor so kids in small (poor) village in Philippines may watch films (movies). Is there a legal way of downloading movies so I may save onto the laptop and they can then play/watch? Kids 5-13 years of age. I am not a technophile. Only have basic M1 modem (very unstable/slow  

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Hey All, Christmas is coming and must confess I'm quite excited; thought that would be very nice to visit a Christmas Market but still don't know which one? I have to choose between Berne Christmas Market and Montreux...In your opinion which one is the best??? Many thanks in advanced!

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Any ideas of Christmas gifts for children aged between 5-8 years old??? Thanks in advance!

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What do you people think about Mustela products? Are the best skincare products for babies or no? What brands are you using?   Many thanks!

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I want to catch up with a few friends for lunch and I'm looking for a good, central lunch venue. One of us has a 2yo. I'd like to find somewhere that kid friendly, but still does nice lunch and serves wine. The wine is very important! Any recommendations?  

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I'm traveling soon and need someone to take care of my dog for 1 month. Any dog sitters available in Zurich? Good payment!   //

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My son has been having some behavioral issues in school lately, and I suppose at home too. It's usually be put down to typical pre-school boy behavior but in spite of any interventions so far, he's not improving. He has regular tantrums in school (throws chairs/tables, rips charts etc off walls), doesn't pay attention and doesn't play well with others and often hits/pushes his friends. I'm afraid we may need to see a specialist to find out if there are ways we can work on this at home, or if he needs to work with a professional. Does anyone have a Dr they can recommend who deals with this type of behavior in pre-school age children. Many thanks in advance.

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I have children (aged 2 ~ 8) and would like to know about any volunteering possibilities in Switzerland. Ideally, we'd like to volunteer as a family (with children) once a week, as a great way to give back to society. thank you! Yves

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Does anyone have a recommendation? It would be most appreciated.... Many thanks in advanced!

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