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We are looking to move to Lucerne. We will be working in the downtown core area. We would prefer to avoid long commutes to work or school. Suggestions of primary schools within reasonable distances? What would be good neighborhoods to look at?

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Hi I am looking to have a special party for my daughter who is turning 5yr in July. I was thinking of having a Fairy party or a Princess Party because she's really interested in those things at the moment. I have been looking around at all the Kids party websites and they all seem to be doing more or less the same thing - magic guy, balloon modeller and face painter. Which isn't really what I'm looking for I'm more looking for a Princess or Fairy to come out and read a story and do some dancing and games within the theme. That kind of thing. Can anyone recommend someone that does this kind of thing?

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Hi all, What age do the children start going to pre-school usually in Swizerland? Is there any requirement for a child to have attended pre-school to be admissible to a KG? Thanks in advance for the help.

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My husband 11 year old daughter is quite a talented tennis player. We had been receiving coaching at our condo with a private coach. However, we moved and our condo management have banned the coaching of non-residents on the premises. So I'm a bit lost as where to seek new coaching. Doesn't need to be private, am happy to have group lessons. However, we would like it to be predominantly expat kids and somewhere Central. Any answers happily received. Thanks!

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Hi there, My sister and her family will be moving from Paris to Basel within the next 2 to 3 months. We are wondering if you might know a nice and well located public school for  their 5 year old son and if the admission is difficult or not. thanks in advance for your help.

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Which are the best apps for children to learn both English and maths on their own? Thanks

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Hi I have been in Switzerland for 2 years now and have two children. My 4 year old I will put into pre-school but I'm looking for a playgroup in the Central area for my 2.5 year old. Any suggestions? Any help/info would be appreciated. Thanks Evy

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Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good party entertainer pls? I'm having my daughter's 5th Birthday party at the end of the month and would love to have a girly party and games and entertainment suitable for girls. We're having the party at our function room, so just need the entertainer! Thanks Patrick

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Hi, Am thinking of starting up a cloth diaper laundry service. My hubby and I are still in the early stages of business planning but it would be similar to those services available overseas where we provide you with a batch of clean modern cloth diapers and pick up them when they're dirty in exchange for some clean ones. Just wanted to find out if its something mums out there would be interested in and if not, also what factors would persuade you to take up the service? (eg price, convenience, etc) If you're more comfortable offering your insights privately, you can PM me too Thanks and I hope we can get a lively discussion going

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My 4 year old son is quite active, loves music, and always seems to be jumping around. I think he may excel in dance if given the opportunity. But I cannot teach him anything about dance.  Any recommendations for kids' dance courses and locations would be helpful. We are probably looking more for a broad spectrum, jazz, or tap more than ballet right now. As I know next to nothing about dance, other suggestions are welcome. T.

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Dear friends, I have Vietnamese friend, new to Zurich.  She has a 3 months baby boy. If you have baby boy cloths, books, VCD, toys that your child don't use anymore, my friend is very happy to receive it Please text me if you want to give away baby items. Thank you so much for your kindness!

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Can anyone recommend a babysitter for our 4 year old daughter? We need someone for one or two evenings every couple of weeks, and would really like to find someone with references/direct links via the forum. Cheers!

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My 7-yr niece is probably at a level 4-5 and we are looking for appropriate teachers/classes for her, any recommendations? Thanks

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Our son just turned 2 years old and we think it's about time he become water-safe. Any swimming complexes in Central Zurich? Any suggestions appreciated!!!

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Can anyone recommend a place where I can safely get my daughters ears pierced (she is 11) with gold studs? I have tried private health clinics and various jewellers without success! Thanks!

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I'm searching for apps for my 2 year old niece, any recommendations? just tried out Tots World and it's pretty good,; any other apps that are kinda similar in art style?

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Hi everyone, What are some of the places in Zurich that parents can bring their children to during the weekends or holidays? thanks!

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Hi guys, I am going to the US to visit my family with my baby. My husband is not coming with us this time. I heard a rumour that if a lone parent is travelling with a child, you know need a notorised letter from the father giving his permission when you enter the US. I guess this is to stop custody abductions. I have travelled alone with the kids before but never had a problem. Has anyone experienced this? Also, if this is the case, can anyone recommend a cheap notary? Thanks.

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Hi, Not exactly Zurich related, but I'm sure some expat parents have had to make long flights home before. Me, my hubby, and our 1yr old daughter are flying to the states next month. Our schedule is roughly! Unfortunately we'll be in economy. I got the bassinet seats from Cathay (even though our daugher is slightly over the size limit). She's just now starting to walk (2-3 steps unassisted, but will be all over the plane as long as she can hold on to things). Any advice on how to best deal with the long flight? Or any insight into the layovers, things that may be pain points I didn't think of? My only thought so far is getting an iPad loaded with her Sesame Street DVDs. (this usually keeps her distracted at home when she's being particularly fussy) Any other input or advice is greatly appreciated!

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Does anyone know where I can get dairy and gluten free cupcakes? I just need a couple of them since I have ordered "regular" cakes elsewhere but would like to accomodate a couple of other kids with dietary restrictions. Thanks!

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