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I have been looking for a playpen for my 7 month old daughter. She is just learning to stand up and crawls all over the place. Not having one is driving me crazy as I have to keep an eye on her every single second. I had a look at Mother's Care and they only have 1 model and it is more than 300 CHF and that is even without any kind of soft floor mat. I should mention that I am looking for one that can stand on the floor, not the fold able kind. Can anyone point me in the direction of something useful and less expensive?

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Ciao, I would like to know if there are some kindergartens in Zurich that have a full-time program for children in Italian Language? My boy is 4 and he speaks mostly Italian language, now he is joining some activities for kids in English but I consider that it is much better for him to join an Italian Kindergarten. I'm looking forward for your replies! Best of luck to all the expats!!!

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Hello, Are there any art workshops for kids in Zurich during August? I would be more than happy to register my daughter for such a class, even if she's just 4 I think Cecile is already a little artist...:)

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Hi, I'm quite excited as my wife is pregnant. So, we are seeking for some advice on nutrition during pregnancy. Any suggestions? Maybe some interesting books related to this topic...??????

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Does anyone know top venues for children's birthday parties? I need some ideas!!!

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I was wondering if there are any airlines that have any discounts for children? I'm travelling often to the UK with my kids and unfortunately we pay a lot for the flight tickets. So maybe someone here has some tips to share...

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Hello, I'm planning to go in Greece for 2 weeks at the beach, there's a little thought that bothers me lately. My daughter is only 2 years old, I heard that is not good for kids under 3 years old to be exposed at sun. What do you people think? Shall I cancel my trip in Greece? My daughter's health comes first!

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Hi, I want to register my kids for some sporting activities, I thought swimming will be an excellent idea and suitable for them to have fun and learn to swim. Are there any parents who already registered their kids for swimming pool activities? I would appreciate if you share some of your opinions about the whole experience, also if you are satisfied with it!

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Today I saw a lovely baby bouncy chair from Chicco. I took a closer look and the chair can either stand steady or be on a rocker. Very nice fabric - soft yet easily wipeable. I find it in a second-hand store and I think it's a little bit expensive- 60 CHF. What do you people think? Shall I go for this one or  is it better to look for a new baby chair???? It was in a very good condition.  

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Can anyone provide information about a good private nursery in Zurich?  My sister Rose is almost 3 and we need to find the best nursery for her.  As we recently moved we are not so familiar with the childcare schools around. Many thanks!

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Hi, I'm expecting my first baby and I must confess that I don't know much about taking care of kids. I want everything to be perfect so that's why I was wondering which are the best bath products for babies?    

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Hi, My nephew is simply in love with Disney characters; his birthday will be soon so I thought it might be a great idea to buy some presents from Disney store. Does anyone know where I may find a Disney Store in Zurich?

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Hi again. I'm having my first child soon and I was curious to know which are the available opportunities of work from home? Are there any young moms already doing this? Thanks.

started by: RaniaS · last update: 1360839680 · posted: 1360754078

Hi, I'm an arabic woman currently living in Zurich City.  I'm expecting a baby girl soon and I don't know yet how should I name this little miracle coming into our lives. Any suggestions of baby names? How did you choose your baby's name? I would love an European name for her!

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During our summer vacation with our 3 kids, 3 8, and 11 years old we would like to see the country and do family things on our own. I would appreciate and knowledge about this. swissfan

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Looking for a summer camp in Switzerland for a 9 year old girl and 11 year old boy. Anyone have a suggestion or idea where to look? (English speaking of course!) Steve

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Would you like to stop fighting with your children? Would you like to your children to listen to what you say, and actually have results?Would you like to ditch the stress and just enjoy being with your children?Would you like to be fully supported, as a parent, in a nonjudgmental, safe environment? br />Join our parenting group, to gain the support and knowledge that you need to transform your relationship with your children. We are offering a high value taster class in October, so that you can meet The session leader Tammy Furey from Fureycoaching and experience some of the techniques that the group will be be discussing over the coming months.The first group is only a few days away, and we have had a couple of spots openup as some mums cant attend as their husbands have to travel (a problem that I know well!).   So...... this Friday the 26th October the group will be learning about,roleplaying and discussing the S.A.L.V.E approach which can turn a meltdown orthe beginnings of a fight into a calm solution (honest - my 5 year old daughteris my research!).   Come find out more!http://fureycoaching.com/zurich-group/   Tammy Furey

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We are a family moving to Zurich very soon with a handicapped 2 year old. Would love to meet other families in our situation who can give us some information about life and services in Zurich.

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My family and I have recently moved to Zurich and as we are new to the are we really haven't a clue about it's places to visit and what there is to do.   If you could recommend some days out for 2 adults and 2 children I would be very grateful.

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Any ideas please how someone finds a reliable but not hideously expensive, reliable childcarer for 2 evenings a week (after play group) and someone who could occassionally cover business trips for a single parent...any suggestions and guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

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