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We are looking for someone or a company to host my niece's birthday party with August with all of the trimmings. Is there such a business in Switzerland? jenny

started by: JLM2011 · last update: 1328695140 · posted: 1328695140

I am looking for a place in / around Zug area that makes the wooden name signs (often on a cartoon character) for a newborn. You often see them outside houses with the name and date of birth of the child. I am not sure what to search for in German terms (holz namezeichen?) but have not managed to find anything online. Would really like one for our newborn son. Any suggestions?

started by: zoopigi-179214 · last update: 1321280692 · posted: 1321280692

Hi there,I am the mother of two wonderful chidren, aged 5 and 7 years old. Every year we take part in a handmade(by the children) christmas card swap, but the organiser is not doing one this year, so I am trying to find participants in different countries who would be interested. Basically what you do is this. 1. register your interest, stating ages of children and address. Then you will recieve a list of names and addresses. YOu have to make one card for each participating family, adn it is nice ot include a letter,poem,drawing about your own family traditions, or the traditions of the place you are currently living. I usually set up a world map, so that we can put pins in and see where the xmas cards are coming from. Each family would be responsible for sending a total of 5 cards.

started by: Mona-177665 · last update: 1314171439 · posted: 1312046711

Looking for accommodation for a family of 6 for 2 weeks in October during the Fall Holidays at school. Would appreciate any suggestionsMona

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1312755439 · posted: 1306568965

I was told that Switzerland has some great outdoor pools. We live near Lucerne, can someone tell me about any please that would be good to go to with the kids? much appreciated.steve

started by: swissfan · last update: 1301738399 · posted: 1266070912

Does anyone know what the rules or laws are on maternity leave in Switzerland? Can't semm to find any information on that.swissfan

started by: Butt · last update: 1300959555 · posted: 1300870041

Hello to everyone,I am relatively new to Zurich (10 weeks) and going crazy stuck at home with a baby. Also very restricted due to 2 school-going children. Is there anyone who would like to meet up for coffee in the mornings? Anywhere within a half hour of Bulach is good for me!

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1300867743 · posted: 1300827188

is there a lot to do while visiting Interlaken with kids, planning a weekend there in April. Would appreciate and comments. sheilab

started by: CarmelaR · last update: 1300827265 · posted: 1296462773

Good Morning I have friends living in Oberägeri who have little or no contact to English speakers, as they moved here just 2 months ago. Can anyone suggest anywhere in the Zug area that would be good for them to visit, or clubs to join?Much appreciated.CarmelaR

started by: MissEugenie · last update: 1299057150 · posted: 1298710376

Hi, my family is planning to move to Switzerland. My concern is that as I'm already 18 years old, would I have to apply for my own residence visa separately from my family's? We have moved to other foreign countries before and I never had any trouble then because I was under 18, so I just went as a dependent, but does it have to be different this time? We're non-EU citizens by the way. Thanks for helping.

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Hi everyone!I am sorry but I have a question and maybe you can help me out!I am pregnant now, almost having my baby. I now i am entitled to 98 days of maternity leave as the HR department of my company already informed me.My question is if I needed to go back to my country for good for personal reasons in the middle of my maternity leave would I be entitled to the rest of the money? Or would I lose the right for it?Let's say I am entitled until begining of june and in March I would go back. Then I had to go empty ended and lose that money? Or would I even have to pay something to my company?... Or what could happen?Thank you for your feedback.

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1296314877 · posted: 1296314877

Any suggestion for a day trip with 3 kids ages 9,7 and 4 years. We wish to start in Lucerne, and are travelling by car, but don't necessarily want to be IN the car long for our outing! thankslea

started by: skiier · last update: 1295987978 · posted: 1294947711

If you are looking for some childrens books I have some to give away for the price of what the post will be. (probably 8-10 francs.) skiier

started by: steve-177662 · last update: 1295083209 · posted: 1294616809

How confusing the school system is here. trying to find out when the holidays are in february-march, but it seems they are not all at the same time. Is this the case? steve.

started by: sheilab-177252 · last update: 1294994175 · posted: 1294617219

We are thinking of perhaps having an Au Pair or Nanny that will come to live in, but have no idea as to where to start to look, and how it works with a permit for someone to be here for a year or so. Does anyone have any experience with this? thanks sheilab

started by: Mona-177665 · last update: 1294644734 · posted: 1275387236

I see that there was an expo for English speakers in Basel. Does anyone know if there will be more? Thanks Mona

started by: Lea-177369 · last update: 1294091218 · posted: 1271716871

Is there such a thing in Switzerland as kids second-hand clothing stores? Thanks for input. Doesn't really matter where (between Lucerne - Basel at best.) much appreciated, Lea

started by: justwondering · last update: 1290156874 · posted: 1274106709

Is there some sort of service that assists in finding playgroups for children? Or is that something that you just have to do yourself? Is there some sort of Website to check? I would like my children to attend something bilingual if at all possible.Justwondering

started by: Mona-177665 · last update: 1290008552 · posted: 1288466367

Looking for a playgroup in Bern, is there such a thing, can't seem to find one (or any for that matter) mona

started by: joanne-178466 · last update: 1289381007 · posted: 1289254546

Trying to find a name and address from a Zurich phone number in the USA it is called a reverse phone number. Any help appreciated

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