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My family led an active life back home, and now moving to Switzerland we would like to get active in Clubs of Expats. Is there something to reccomend in the Zug-Lucerne area? Thanks CUsoon

started by: canuk-177931 · last update: 1282899883 · posted: 1281638052

Hello all. Have been speaking with friends and none of us is really sure about the way the Kindergarten age system is here. Are kids 4, 5, or 6 years old when they start to attend?Much appreciated,Canuk

started by: Judy-177355 · last update: 1281722430 · posted: 1276757027

I have visitors coming that were asking about English speaking church services in Zurich, does someone know of any?Judy

started by: blw-177851 · last update: 1278024380 · posted: 1275778185

I heard that the school holidays in Basel are not the same as Aargau. Is that right? Am planning on my niece coming to visit us, but the holidays don't seem to coincide! blw

started by: jenny-177105 · last update: 1276939070 · posted: 1276939070

Great, am babysitting friends kids tomorrow and what to do the rain in Zurich and area with them for 6 whole hours!?! Help

started by: notyetlocal · last update: 1274106626 · posted: 1273225717

I wonder if somebody knows a place where I can find an English speaking swimming teacher for my kids? Thanks a lot.

started by: blw-177851 · last update: 1273583728 · posted: 1273188273

Hello everyone, I want thinking of going to the Transport Museum in Lucerne in a couple of weeks with my children and their friends ages 9-13. Are they too young for that? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has been there. Thanks blw

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Hi everyone, I have a question regarding maternity pay. I have just been offered a job and there is nothing in the contract about maternity pay/ entitlement. Although I am not planning on becoming pregnant in the next couple of years I am interested to know what the stance is. I don't want to ask my potential employer aout this in case she thinks this means I'm going to run off and have a baby straight away! Is there a standard entitlement and should I be worried that this isn't specified in the contract? Thanks for your help!

started by: blw-177851 · last update: 1272316377 · posted: 1271964666

Hi My neighbour is looking for an English playgroup for her 3 year old daughter. Any suggestions? Thanks blw

started by: justwondering · last update: 1271326251 · posted: 1271018598

I heard that school vacation is not at the same time as the USA. Was wondering about the dates if someone can inform me, would really appreciate it. Thanks justwondering.

started by: Martiki · last update: 1271169872 · posted: 1265361957

Is there such a thing as a babysitting service in Basel if people want to take "a night off" and go to dinner or a movie for a few hours? Thanks Martiki

started by: luce_19-177675 · last update: 1270290704 · posted: 1269364577

I am a friendly english Speech and Language Therapist looking for work in the Zurich area having recently relocated from London. I work with children of all ages. Please see my website for further details. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to where I may find work. Thanks, Lucy Kassell

started by: jenny-177105 · last update: 1270229825 · posted: 1270024316

Does anyone know of any children's musicals going on within the next few months, would like to go with my neighbours children. Doesn't necessarily have to be English, but for young children at best. Thanks Jenny

started by: justwondering · last update: 1270132195 · posted: 1269205295

We are contemplating the various education systems in Switzerland. There seem to be a lot of private schools. How is the public schooling, any comments or help with us deciding before we move there? justwondering

started by: barb-177084 · last update: 1268160994 · posted: 1268160994

I would like to meet some other "young" grandmothers or Moms on Wednesday afternoons in Lucerne. My grandson is 4 years old. Maybe go for walks, talks, to a playground or the lake..... Barb

started by: sheila-177240 · last update: 1265899009 · posted: 1255734185

Is there anywhere in Basel that offers English advice to new mothers of babies and young children? Would like to get out more, and contact with other young mothers would be great. sheila

started by: justwondering · last update: 1265415318 · posted: 1265116965

Was wondering about spring and summer vacations in Switzerland for schools in Switzerland. Are they all at the same time? Thanks justwondering

started by: denis-177615 · last update: 1265020305 · posted: 1264938928

Having my brothers children over in a few weeks for the holidays, any suggestions what to do with an 8, 11 and 14 year old in the Zurich area? Thanks!Denis

started by: luce_19-177675 · last update: 1264688662 · posted: 1264546332

I am a british trained speech and language therapist currently working in London. My husband has been offered a job in Zurich and I was wondering if there is any demand for English SLT's in Zurich (or switzerland generally). I don't speak german. Does anyone know what the rules are re setting up a private practice in Switzerland? Thanks!

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Hi, My name is Geraldine. I am 30 years old, married since 2006.We have a 3 1/2 years old daughter and expecting a new baby for March 2010.My husband is english and I am french but I have been living in England for the last 10 years. Due to work, my husband has relocated to Zurich in August this year. Our daughter and I just moved with him last week in the Village of Dallikon (8108 Zurich) for the next couple of years hopefully!I am at home all day whilst my husband is at work. I would like to meet other mums in the same situation as me who would like to have a bit of social life, go for coffee sometimes or take the children to the park etc.Also, we have NO toys whatsoever for our daugher as we moved with our luggages only... so maybe some of you would like to do a big clear out before xmas... or maybe you could lt me know somegood places to get toys etc. I look forward to hear from you soon,Geraldine.

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