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Native english filipina speaker with french working papers. extensive professional experience as a babysitter /elderly assistant + care. Available in Alsace france or in basel switzerland AREA . I take good care of your children as being my own and same for your elderly parents as being my own parents. Wide experience dynamic discreet. excellent references agmilao@yahoo.com +(33). for international dialling

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Are there any English magazines out there that I can read about Switzerland before I arrive? Justwondering

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Will be babysitting my neighbours children on the weekend, and not sure how to amuse them. Any suggestions! We live in Wettingen. Thanks, fordforever.

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Hi, I just moved close to Baden. As we are both working, we look for a day school or an international school for our eight year old daughter. Does anybody know a close school?

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I have seen children in Switzerland riding wooden bikes without pedals. They push them along like you would a trottinette or scooter, but with both feet. I haven't found a mother yet to ask where to buy these, they are really neat. Does anyone know about these wooden bikes or where to buy them?

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I have some reebok kids sandals for sale, bought the too small for my son, black leather. BarbaraLorie

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Hi, we will be moving to Zurich soon and I would like some opinions on the local German schooling. My 3.5yo currently goes to a Pre-school and she loves it, has lots of friends and comes home learning loads.We cannot comfortably afford international school (we have a 2.5yo who will go to the same school) do you think she will manage in a local German speaking school? She is a little shy and I would hate her to feel isolated and all her new confidence and things she is learning to come undone.I know that children pick up the language easily but how will she interact with the teachers? do they speak some english? Or is it worth putting her into an international school for a year or so until she can speak a little German?Im not sure where we will live but my husbands job is in Baden so I guess it will be that side of Zurich, are there any areas where a lot of english speaking children attend the local schools?sorry for all the questions but this is keeping me awake every night!

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I have a few questions about the schooling in Switzerland, like the guidelines for private schools and schooling and guidelines for parents etc. Where can I find about such things. greetings, justwondering

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I have visitors from Scotland coming in a few weeks, could someone suggest something to do for a day in the Zurich-Lucerne area with them.' Much appreciated, Lea

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Hi there. Do the Swiss celebrate Hallowe'en? I don't see any costumes in the stores. newgirlintown

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Was thinking of going to the zoo next weekend, anyone know which is better, Basel or Zurich? sheilab

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My friend took her daughter to the first day of playgroup (Spielgruppe) Her daughter speaks Swiss German and English. It was a disaster (they live in Zurich). None of the other kids could speak SwissGerman, and were from 10 different countries, it was sooo unorganised. and messy. She wants to rather pay more for the service and have someone qualified. Let me know if you know of somewhere. They live near Embrach

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Hi everyone, I live in Zurich and would like to book music classses for my son aged 5. Can anybody tell me how this works in Switzerland? is it common to get a private teacher or is it organised by the public schools? thanks

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Does anyone know about soccer camps or lesson or after-school activities. My 8 year old wants to try out the sport, as it seems to be a big thing here in Switzerland.

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In a tizz, when does school start in Zug? Moved house 2ce in 1 month, chaos, can't find paperwork. Help!

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I live near Zug and am not sure about how to find English speaking clubs. Looking for some social contact! Thanks sheilab

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We live 30 km west of Lucerne, does anyone know of a playgroup where I could take my grandchild once or twice a week? Thanks sheilab

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I would like my daughter to start dancing classes, (either ballet or jazz) in the fall. She is 7 years old. Any tips how to find such classes in the Zurich area? Much appreciated.

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I am looking for a playgroup for my daughter, 3 years old, as we are moving from Zug to Allschwil (Baselland) in September. Can someone reccomend a group close by?

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