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Hi, I have a question pertaining to teaching in private education in Switzerland. Is there any requirement to register for a license with the government before you can start teaching? If there is, who applies for this license (employer or employee) and where can it be applied? Thank you.

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Hello,I would like to ask you about remote jobs in Switzerland. I want to live in  Italy and work remotely in Siwitzerland, as software engineer. Are companies likely to make remote work possible (provided I have university degree, various certificates and several years of professional experience, including the UK)? What are the laws governing double taxation avoidance (in order not to pay taxes in two countries)?Thank you!

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Hi. I would like to know if tere is a possibility of taking a local medical entity (I mean from Switzerland) to court in a US court/jurisdiction, if yes what steps are involved, if not, what other solution is there?

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I got a Sea Food Soup business looking for interested people to join in the team.But I tried to post online looking for people, but all without response.Any one where to post will be more effective?Which website can get more leads for people looking for business opportunity?

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I have married a British husband with two kids 2 & 7 for 8 years. Now he already is a Swiss citizen However, recently we do not agree many matters and fight every time. Now he wants to divorce. How the process for divorce will go?What about the fees around? If we divorce, does his Swiss citizenship will still be valid? Can I reapply the citizen for someone if I remarry again? Can I ask to him give up his Swiss citizenship? Does the flat need to share half with him? (I pay the flat 100%, he does not pay any) It is a painful situation I know. Anyone can help and advise... Please advise your kind advise is appreciated.

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Hi everyone. I'm working for a company that is looking to expand into Switzerland and was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best places to advertise locally. We are looking for English speaking business managers so any advice would be greatly appreciated. We've advertised on Linkedin and Monster.com but haven't had much luck attracting the right applicants.

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Hello, I'm  looking for a Zurich based law firm with good experience bringing U.S. based projects in to Switzerland through the entrepass or other similar method. Please feel free to send me a private message.Thanks in advance for any replies.

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US investors who may be finding access to wealth management more difficult in light of issues such as Fatca are being targeted by a new Swiss website focused exclusively on this client segment. Where Americans are Welcome lists Switzerland based SEC registered investment advisers, as well as providing information and links on lawyers, tax advisers, trusts, and insurance based solutions. americanswelcome.ch

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Hi, Could I have some (local?) bank recommendations in Switzerland please. Do you stay with your major international banks, or is it better to go to a local (if there are any) bank. The account would simply be used to get paid into, attach some credit/key cards etc., for daily use, expenses. Internet banking is a must have. I heard that HSBC and Citibank have horrendous fees for example. Thank you.

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I'm newbie in setting up a business, and would wish to setup a cafe with a low budget. Could anyone advise me what are the thing that I need to look out while setting up a business?

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Hey there...I'm doing a gathering for locals and expats forex trader to share their experience in trading and at the same time making new friends...any price action trader here? FA, TA, day trade etc etc....or maybe you are new wanting to know more about forex...=) Hope to get a good reply here.... cheers....  

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Hello folks I hope someone can help me. My mother has sold her house in Zurich at the beginning of August and to date has recieved no money from the notaire who administered the sale, we have tried calling but they say we will pay tomorrow but no money is forthcoming. Is this normal or should we be seeking advice from anybody and if so...who? Thanks in advance. Mario

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I need help, may someone advice me on where to get the best currency exchange in Zurich?????At the airport, hotel or in the town?   Thank you!    

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Hey there, Well, I want to open a new account on my daughter's name in order to save money. She is 7 years old now. How can I find the right savings accounts for kids? Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with the Swiss bank system...

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What's the most convenient service to transfer money from Switzerland to UK? Is it Western Union???

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What is a Swiss residence permit? What are the main steps to become a Swiss resident?

started by: MarkusK · last update: 1369856815 · posted: 1369691882

Does anybody know which are the main conditions to apply for citizenship in Switzerland?  

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I urgently need legal advice on a quite serious issue that I'm facing right now. Which is the best lawyer around? Thanks!!!

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Would anyone know of any good accountants in Zurich? I urgently need an accountant working for my new business...

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