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I heard that the age to vote in Switzerland is 18. Is this correct? How long must a person live in Switzerland before they can vote? Is there a law or a rule? We were talking about this at lunch today, and no one really seems to know the answer? Thanks if you do! CarmelaR

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If I find a housekeeper to clean for one day a week to I have to claim this somewhere, well report it? Does she as well? CUsoon

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Is there anywhere to find about about voting overseas in general.(USA, Canada, Austraila, NEw Zealand, a friend needs some information for a project in school.) CUsoon

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Hi, I am in dispute with a Swiss bank that I believe has acted unfairly. If I were in the UK I would write either to the BBC Watchdog or one of the financial papers to seek advice and redress. I'd even consider the Financial Ombudsman. Does anyone know if there are the equivalent channels here that I could write to please? Many thanks, Helen

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I need some information about opening a bank account here. I would like my wages transferred to an account and stay there, but would like a different one to use for credit cards, debits etc. does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Does my company assist with the account or should I have it before I start work? I would like to know the answers ahead of time and not have to ask them about every nook and cranny about living here. Denis

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Have been having a heated conversation with a friend about the legalities of B permit holders in Switzerland and starting up their own business. Does anyone have any information on that in English that I could use as reference? Denis

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Can someone tell me what the laws are in Switzerland for entering the country. I have friends coming, and their passport is only valid 4 weeks after entry. I know that different countries have different rules. Thanks for an answer. Denis

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Moving to a new country brings up lots of questions. Is there a book or reading material that someone can suggest to make my next few months of investigating to moving to Switzerland easier? Much appreciated Denis

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Can anyone recommend a migration lawyer for Zurich? It's a fairly straightforward situation but I'd prefer to speak to someone who knows what they're talking about and can help us!

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I heard that in Switzerland you cannot "disown" your children so to say when it comes to inheritance. Are there any legalities about this?Judy

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Hi I was wondering about opening a bank account in Switzerland. Can I just basically walk in and deposit $100.00 and have an account?. Is there a minimum amount, or are there any documents that I have to have with me? Thanks CUsoon

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HI all, I was riding my bike today and many bike paths were covered with hay from all the farmers. Does anybody know if there is a law against this? Can't be possible that they are allowed to use the bike line for their work?! thanks for your help.

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Was wondering about the Work Permits in Switzerland, if students also need one. Where can I read up about that?MerciLea

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I am looking for a relative in Canada who would like to come to work in Switzerland.Does anyone know about Stagiare (not sure of the spelling) jobs.thanksCanuk

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Can someone settle this question that my friend and I are debating on. It is about unemployment insurance in Switzerland. Does the whole amount get deducted from wages, or does the employer also have to pay in part of the sum? Thanks for settling this,blw

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I have 2 pages of documents that I need translated from English to German. Some technical law terms, I imagine about 1.5 hours of work. Interested? Thanks Kram

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Can someone tell me how long a person can work in Switzerland on the Schengen agreement? Thanks Denis

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Can someone please tell me the best place to exchange my foreign money. At a bank, train station or airport or at Western Union change places. cookies

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Where can my find information about seasonal work permits in Switzerland. She is from the states and met Swiss people at school this year who said she should look for a summer job. Where should she ask? Thanks justwondering

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Do most lawyers speak English in Switzerland? I have some legal issues to clear up that I can only explain in English Martiki

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